Natasha Leaf

Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori 2021

Natasha will kōrero, whakarongo, ako, tākaro, pānui and waiata. "Kapa haka group doing a waiata in their bubbles. They record it, send it in to me and I create a video for our school Facebook page (hopefully we can pull it off though). Teaching my class sone te Reo using my husbands level one te Reo resources. Ie animal names, colors, greeting. Students saying g their Pepeha every morning before Learning begins. Reading legends to my class. Reading books in te Reo to my class (at a level 1 or 2). Do my roll with the kids using te Reo. Ie Teacher: morena Billy kei te pehea koe? Billy: kei te pai ahau, me koe hoki Teacher: kei te harikoa ahau. Billy: morena Joe kei te pehea koe Joe: kei te manahau ahau, me koe hoki? Billy: kei te pai Joe: morena Kiana... (and so forth) Play a few "get up and move" games. Hoping to have the opportunity to have Paraone join us on zoom OR he record a message for Fairfield Intermediate School for us to play to our school students. 🙏"

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