Te pae kōrero | Our why

To bring the reo back to our whānau.

For my Tamariki and Mokopuna

Mō tōku whānau! ! Ki te kore ahau e toha atu kia rātou, me pēwhea rātou e mōhio ko wai, ko whea rātou?. . Nā reira. . mā rātou

Get back to my roots to understand who we are and where we come from.

To connect to my ancestors and express my feelings in my own language

Kia ora! Ko Rebecca toku ingoa. I am a primary school kaiako (teacher) and I'm wanting to up my korero in all areas of my life - especially with my roopu at my kura! I've got heaps of reo words in my vocab but I don't know how to string a sentence together! Keen to learn what I can!

Aotearoa is my kāinga now. I think that it is crucial for me to learn te reo Maori to show my respect for Māoritanga and the people. Kia kaha!

I am learning to be unapologetically Māori, embracing who I am. Of being Māori. Joyce

I am 76 years old, the mātāmua and tuākana of thirteen siblings and with the shortage of kaumātua to sit on the taumata of our marae, I feel right now the need to fullfil my resposibility as the Mātāmua, as the Tuākana and kaumatua to learn te reo me ōna tikanga so that I can give back to our marae and community .

To find ME and love everything about how i become, so i can be the best version of me and pass it down to my kids

For me and my children - te reo Māori is a gift for every New Zealander - and it is a beautiful language.

Te Reo Māori is one of many beautiful languages in the World. Unfortunately, for my whānau the older ones who spoke Te Reo Māori took it with them to their grave. I have the opportunity to encourage a change in this regard by learning it & sharing it. I have successfully guided my 2 tama ages 30 & 28 to kōrero Māori & have further opportunity to do so with my mokopuna.

I want to hold on to the legacy left by our tuupuna to give a legacy to my uri.

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