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Share what you did for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2023. This will go on to become a showcase of how we celebrate te reo as a nation.

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St Cuthbert's College Senior School

Kōrero (Speak): Welcome your class, and do your roll call in te reo Māori. Tākaro (Play): A 20 question Kahoot Quiz made especially for St Cuth’s. Waiata (Sing): Sing a song together: (Kia mau ki tō Ūkaipō) Kanikani (Dance): Dance to new Māori dance videos by Kaupapa Kori Choirs will perform waiata Māori in the Atrium Throughout the week: KIMI (Find): The Y9 te reo Māori class have created a scavenger hunt. Collect a special clue card from the checkout desk at the library. Find all 10 atua wahine posters hidden in locations around the library and write their names on the card. When you have found all 10, return to the checkout desk for your prize! The prize is a poraka tiakarete! KAWHE (Coffee): Use the poster next to the atrium cafe to order your coffee in te reo Māori. PĀNUI (Read): You’ll notice posters around the school, and handwritten notes made by te reo Māori students at St Cuth’s. Use this opportunity to give these words and phrases a go in your day-to-day! ĪMERA (Email): We have created a competition for a special surprise prize. To enter, include a greeting in te reo Māori in your emails. Any email that is received by any Languages Staff Member will put you in the draw.
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