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Share what you did for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2023. This will go on to become a showcase of how we celebrate te reo as a nation.

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Orewa College

Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland

Kaiako, ākonga, whānau, hāpori

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Ko taku mihimihi tuatoru tenei. I plan to increase the depth and detail of my mihimihi very year. It's a fun idea to grab drone shots from YouTube. :-)

I learned my school's whakatauki

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With the support of a few teachers from Orewa College, i was able to write my pepeha. Coming from the UK in the late 70’s, i was bullied for my accent (it was strong), so i was always conscious of my voice and speaking Te Reo was challenging, but i wanted to show the year 7’s how to overcome the fear and do it anyway I got to present my pepeha to a year 7 class a few weeks back. It was the first time ever speaking my pepeha out loud. I could not have done it with the support and guidance of the teachers and students. Ka Pai!

"Kia pai te rā" and "Nau mai, haere mai" are just a couple of things I learnt during my time at school. Learning te reo Maori has had a great impact on my life, I now have a better understanding of Aotearoa and English itself. In our class, we learnt many karakia's and say them every morning. Many good things have changed in our school because of Maori, now instead of saying "May I use the bathroom please?" we say it in Maori including asking if we can get a drink or other things.

I played upoko and hiku

i asked if i can go to the bathroom in māori

I always greet my teachers in the morning with kia ora or kia pai te rā and whenever I need to get a drink I say “Kei te haere ahau ke te inu”. And every morning at school we say a karakia.

I will use the phrase "Kei te harae ahau ki te wharepaku" I will use a new saying when answering the roll

For Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori my class and I greeted each other and the teachers in different Maori greetings every day, using some like Kia Ora, Kia pai te ra, and Nga mihi. We also have to ask to go to the bathroom (wharepaku) and to get a drink of water (inu) in Maori. We also did a karakia every morning.

I will say ke te haere ahau ki te wharepaku when I need to go to the bathroom.