Cathy shared a moment

Cathy Ruka | May 2021

Photo of Cathy | Auckland
Kia Ora.
Kia Ora. Ko Cathy Ruka toku ingoa. It’s important to take part in this because I love being Maori. I am only half Maori, my mother is Maori and my father is pakeha. I grew up tikanga Maori, so I do not know what it means to be pakeha. Maori was always part of my school curriculum. I grew up and went to school in Kaitaia. I was in the kapa haka group at intermediate. I am 36 years old. Living in Auckland. I still am learning Te reo. I love watching Maori television. I love singing Maori waiata. Well that’s a bit about me. Kia Ora