Cecilia shared a moment

Cecilia Ehrhart | September 2021


Students had to scroll through some summer vocabulary in Te Reo and then write a very short story using at least one of the words in Te Reo. The story is shared and the listeners have to try and guess what the word is. I thought this one was particularly funny, and also effective. Effective because, when my students heard the story shared out loud, they learnt the Te Reo word for "sandcastle" right away! Summer was a catchy topic at this time of year when summer feels closer yet still so far away....!

By Marcus, Room 1

"On a summer holiday a boy goes to the beach with his family. He went to make a pakirikiri straight away, he grabbed his shovel and started to build it. When he was done with the pakirikiri

he went to show his mom but when he looked back at the pakirikiri he saw the wave have just washed it away so he rebuilt the pakirikiri he was just about to show his mom when the wave washed it away again, he was furious he started punching and kicking the water but nothing happened. His mom asked him why he was so angry and the boy said the wave keeped destroying his pakirikiri. The mom said to him to build his pakirikiri away from the waves so the boy did and the wave did not destroy the pakirikiri again. The end."