Fiona | Share your why

I am a 53 yr old and growing up with a very European NZ up bringing but connected through marriage ancestry to Rapaki Marae always had me wanting to know more. But nothing around me growing up supported that. But now I see as the last Labour government pushed forward with honoring the learning of NZ histories in schools and bringing forth Maori language into government organisations with the names being in both English and Maori. This hearted me as I have got to learn over the years the importance of preserving such Taonga is a big part of NZ having a true cultural identity, embracing Maori practices that can help our communities and not have them breaking down as they have been for the past 30yrs. So I am now strengthening my Te Reo and knowledge to help support a more authentic identity of NZ come forth and become more of our every day ways and learnings. Thank you for all the support and care to help me learn. Nga mihi nui.