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Well (whenua Borewell)firstly I must honour the Lord, io,-ihowa-e ihowa-first and foremost,then as if my sins be forgiven-repent to,(Greatest Commandments Love the Lord God with all your heart,with all your mind,With all your soul,And to Love your neighbour.The Honour your Parents-then in The Subjection of the Hebrew messianic Torah Christ(Karaitiana)-Is The Headship of The Man of the House-wharekainga,in turn head of the Wife,and Children-Tamariki,Te kohanga reo-kura.Paying Taxs & offerrings -Malachi 3:6-10,1 Peter 2:9,1 Corinthians 12:1-13,in payment weekly to the Lord,io-omsbudsman.

Then my belief is by faith of Healing my Enemy.-and so and so good lord by and by.