Susie | Share your why

I have been living in Switzerland for the last 8 years, in that time I have struggled to learn the Swiss German language, however am getting there. Living in a Country as a non native speaker, has opened my eyes to how important ones mother tongue is. The more I learn Swiss German the more I understand the culture, the more I understand the differences, the more I am able to integrate, in my small village, . Why then do you say I would want to learn Maori? As an English immigrant,... 1973...and as we are coming back to live permanently in NZ either next year or in 2025, I want to embrace the whole of NZ not just the British Colonial side,to gain an insight as to who we are as NZers. I am also desperately wanting to call NZ home again, which after covid and how Expats where treated, is a difficult emotional journey, and just maybe learning te reo, will help to heal the wounds and give me a sense of identity.