Tawhetakino Mahia | Share your why

This is a great question because their is alot we or I can say when it comes to the importance of preserving or safe keeping of our language or in better forms (who we are).


I am 30 years of age and with proud I am pleased to inform and let my whakapapa heritage be loudly known. I grew up born and bread at my Papakainga with over 40 homes in our whanau village. My environment from kohanga was all about out tikanga even from before i was born. It was total emersion in te reo maori i nga wa katoa. So wherever we were didnt matter where we were only allowed to talk maori. It was considered swearing so you were punished if you were caught with a pakeha word coming out of your mouth. My parents were also great emplementers when it came to learning or speaking te reo. Unfortunately since than alot has changed and/or died out and so this is my why

Toku reo toku ohooho mapihi Maurea whakakai marihi

He taonga tukuiho no nga tipuna

Kia kaha matou ki te whakaako ki te korero ki te waiata kia kore ai e ngaro kia kore ai e rite ki te moa.