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Share what you did for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2023. This will go on to become a showcase of how we celebrate te reo as a nation.

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Why we need to listen to indigenous perspectives!

In my te reo class today, we talked about children being our future, the ones who take forward the things that are precious to us, our customs, our histories, our language, our ways of being. I feel humbled that my three boys are so welcomed and understood on marae, including their sometimes questionable behaviour! I also believe we all need to take responsibility to be leaders of our collective futures. To engage and connect with our communities, to learn and be open to the possibility for change, to know who we are and where we come from, our family history and how it relates to our wider society. I want to take responsibility for my children's future until they can step into my shoes. That's why I volunteer so many hours for The Opportunities Party, TOP. I was freaking out about the future for my children and their peers until I found TOP. With their proven, rather than popular or ideological, policies, I believe we can move Aotearoa New Zealand forwards. So I choose to support the party I want to see in parliament, not the party I think is going to win. It's not a horse race, after all. It's for our collective future. Let's all be the leaders of tomorrow.

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Even as ngāti Pākeha o Aotearoa, te Ao Māori forms part of my being. I want to explore and connect with the Māori worldview, while righting the wrongs of the past in any capacity I can.

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TOP Singing Purea Nei: The Opportunities Party wants to enable New Zealand to release the constraints of sub-standard policy-making, be transformed by a new approach to politics and fly free in the spirit of fairness for all.