Individuals and Whānau

Questions to get you started:

Growing up

  • Did you hear te reo often growing up? If so, where? 
  • What are your most prominent memories of te reo Māori? 
  • Did you grow up speaking te reo Māori, or did you learn te reo Māori as a second language? What were those experiences like for you?


  • What tools and tactics have you used to learn te reo? E.g. immersion, classes, books, television. 
  • What positive attitudes and support have you experienced as a speaker or learner of te reo? 
  • What negative attitudes have you experienced as a speaker or learner of te reo? How did these positive and negative experiences affect your language learning, or your use of te reo, for better or worse? 


  • Can you remember any times when te reo was in the news? Was it positive or negative? How did this impact you?
  • What do you think some of the most important moments in te reo history are? What has been most important for you and your whānau? How has te reo changed since you were a child? 


  • How were the experiences and knowledge of te reo different within your whānau? 
  • Who were the language champions in your life and in your whānau? 
  • Does your whānau have a language plan? 
  • How was your whānau affected by urban migration and the World Wars? How was your whānau affected by te reo being banned in schools? Do any of your whānau have memories or kōrero about these events? 
  • Can you remember any big milestones for te reo, such as the Māori Language Petition, the Māori Language March, or te reo becoming an official language? Were any of your whānau involved? 
  • What do you hope your descendants will know about your own te reo journey and the te reo journey of your whānau? 
  • What advice would you give your descendants and whānau who want to learn and speak te reo Māori? What would you tell those who are whakamā?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for te reo in your whānau? 


For more help and guidance, download the Individuals and Whānau Toolkete or see tips to record an interview.