Kura Māori

Tauira can hear from their elders what the state of te reo Māori was like at the time and how the battle has been fought by kura to raise tamariki in te reo Māori me ōna tikanga.

Hei whakaaro

  • Who worked to establish your kura? When and whydid this happen? 
  • What is unique about the identity or history of your kura?
  • What challenges and setbacks have been faced by the movement?
  • Are these challenges still experienced today? What have been the successes and celebrations?
  • How was your kura named?
  • Who have been the important leaders of your kura? What legacy have they left you?
  • Who opened your kura? What led them to their mahi? Are they, or their whānau, still involved today?
  • If you are a kura Aho Matua, ask your kaumātua, mātua and kaiako what their memories are of Te Aho Matua. How did Te Aho Matua come to be adopted by your kura? How does your kura embody Te Aho Matua? What have been the challenges and successes? What was the impact when it became law?
  • What have been your biggest achievements and successes as a kura?
  • What was the status of te reo in your community when the kura opened? How has this changed? What other ways has the battle to revitalise te reo been fought by your community? 
  • Can you remember any times when te reo was in the news? Was it positive or negative? How did this impact you?
  • What do you think some of the most important moments in te reo history are? What has been most important for you and your whānau? How has te reo changed since you were a child? 
  • What have been your biggest challenges? What setbacks have you experienced?
  • Do any of your kaumātua, mātua and kaiako remember the Māori Language Petition or the Māori language marches? Were they involved? What was happening in their lives at the time? What are some of your favourite memories of your kura?
  • Over the years, how has your kura participated in the following and how have they changed over time?
  • Manu Kōrero, Kapa haka competitions, Matariki celebrations and Waitangi Day?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your kura?

For more help and guidance, download the Kura Māori Toolkete or see tips to record an interview.