Lynda | Share your why

In 1985 after being privileged to be part of te ao Maori in 1973, I became a citizen of Aotearoa and took my Official Oath in te reo Maori. Partly to honour the beautiful kaumatua who had mentored me and because I was and still am passionate to be part of the revival and saving of te reo rangatira. Language is who you are; it is a living link between you and your tupuna and if you can encourage your tamariki it will be your link to their future too. Kia Kaha te reo! This year I will be with the kaumatua kuia o Waipareira and we will be doing a whole range of things for 2023 Maori Moment. Karakia, Korero, Waiata, Whakatauki. And, of course we will share kai. :-)