Patena | Share your why

When I was young at school people use to make fun of my surname and first names there was even a horrible experience where my teacher (Maori) also made fun of one of my names these experiences built a sense of insecurity and loneliness and a shame of being maori as I grew older I allowed people to mispronounce my name because I was to ashamed to correct them or make a joke about it too ease my insecurity and anxieties so I began to deny my own identity just fit in

Peer pressure for sure

You know as I reflect on all those times on being made fun of as a kid and as a adult I think back on how our tupuna and my grandparents were treated as kids and adults in there time and the violence and violations they were put through and I believe it made them stronger because personally my trials and tribulations definitely made me more stronger and resilient

for me it is a matter of heart and courage to learn te reo Maori and to be at peace with the journey of true self

Mouri ora