Ramandeep | Matariki 2023

Photo of Ramandeep | Matariki 2023

I celebrate matariki with the people around me and feels like we celebrating an auspicious festival same as in my culture in india which gives me the feeling of togetherness with my family, friends and neighbours i started celebrating from last 2 years and this is my 3rd year and lucking i got enroller with open polytechnic course as well to learn Te Reo so i can easily teach my kids as well which will be helpful for them in school and career. So far i learned myself n taught kids te reo few words like to say hi tena kpe, tena korua and some colours etc. I am excited to keep this journey of learning and teaching Te Reo. I celebrate by gathering people of different culture and eat food which i make from the bottom of my heart always as i love cooking too then i share words i lear and ready to learn always from others too.