Here are some pātai to get you started:


  • Can you find your business or organisation’s earliest te reo Māori record? Or mention? What is it about? What other early te reo records can you find? 
  • What is your business or organisation’s reo journey? Can you tell us about the times when the journey was tough? As well as the times when it was great? How did you learn from these experiences? 
  • What are your business or organisation’s stand out moments?
  • Has your organisation, business, institute or rōpū been involved in any milestones for te reo? Look at our timeline on the Stories of te Reo website.

Celebration of te reo Māori

  • How has your business or organisation celebrated Te Wiki o te Reo Māori? What do you do? When did you start? 
  • Did your business or organisation participate in Te Wā Tuku Reo / Māori Language Moment in 2020 and 2021? If so, what did you do to mark it? 
  • Has your workplace ever celebrated Matariki? What are some stories of how you celebrated in the past? 
  • What was the first Matariki celebration for your workplace or place of learning? 

Te reo Māori names

  • Does your business or organisation have a te reo Māori name? If so, tell us about how it came about: Was it gifted to you (and if so by whom and why)? What motivated your team? When did it come into force? What was the response from others? 
  • Do people speak te reo at your workplace or place of learning? How has this come about? What are the challenges and benefits? 
  • Does your business or organisation have its own waiata? Who composed it? What is its story and what does it mean for your workplace? 
  • Who have been the champions of te reo in your business/organisation/sector recently and in past years?
  • Do you do any work in te reo Māori or directly related to te reo? e.g. teaching te reo courses, creating and selling te reo products and resources, providing a professional service like legal help or counselling in te reo Māori.
  • What other languages are used in your workplace, organisation or place of learning?

Te reo initiatives 

  • Does your business or organisation have a language plan? How, when and why did you create a language plan? 
  • What has the impact of your language plan been?
  • Does your business or organisation run te reo classes? If so, when did these begin and how has it impacted te reo in your workplace?
  • Do you provide te reo Māori resources or create te reo Māori publications? What has been important about this?
  • Hopes and dreams for te reo
  • What do you want the kaimahi in your workplace or place or learning to know in 10, 20 or 50 years’ time about your te reo journey? 
  • What do you hope your business or organisation achieves for te reo in the future? These goals can be small, large and everything in between. 

For more help and guidance, download the Organisation Toolkete or see tips to record an interview.