Fluency Criteria

To be eligible for Waha Kōrero you must also be able to; 

  • Communicate easily, confidently and spontaneously or ‘off the cuff’ in Māori in everyday situations  
  • Show you have a wide vocabulary, and a good command of grammar,  reo Māori phrases, sayings and kīwaha (idiomatic language) 
  • Talk ‘back and forth’ with other Māori speakers for a long time without the need to shift into English   
  • Be widely understood by other proficient speakers of te reo Māori 
  • Discuss complex issues when it comes to topics you know about. 

Measuring language in any fluency is complicated. You do not need to have sat the Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori Level Finder Examination (LFE), but for a useful benchmark to describe attributes of fluency the Whakamātauria Tō Reo Framework from the (LFE) has been used to inform Waha Kōrero eligibility criteria. Level 4 is the minimum entry level.  

Please use the above description to assess your own eligibility and get in touch if you have any questions.