Cathy shared a moment

Cathy Ruka | May 2021

Photo of Cathy | Auckland
Kia ora.
Kia Ora. This is important for me because I love being Maori, even though I’m only half. My mother is Maori and my father is pakeha. Although growing up I was definitely more exposed to things Maori and not learning pakeha protocols. I have grown up knowing only Maori tikanga. I grew up in the far north Kaitaia. And Maori was a huge part of the teachings at my schools. I came to Auckland when I was 12 years old and it was a huge culture shock. Growing up in Kaitaia, as a kid I thought there were only Maori and pakeha people, brown and white. I soon learned that there are hundreds of nationalities. And those different nationalities all have their own languages which most of them still speak where sadly a lot of us Maori have to learn again our native tongue. So it is very important that we as a culture and as whanau encourage each other to bring Te reo Maori back to life. Kia Ora