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Donna Masters | September 2021

Kia ora.

Kia ora. I am on a journey to learn te reo Maaori. One for myself but also as I am a ECE kaiako it is important I teach my peepee and tamariki. I have been koorero te reo more and more with ngaa tamariki and a great way for that is to practice waiata. This week we have been learning the waiata 'A haka mana' which is really helping with my pronunciation as well as Tutiri mai ngaa iwi (ngaa tamariki favourite). We also reintroduced ngaa peepee to "In the Begining" pukapuka followed up with Rangi and Papa waiata.

We say karakia at the beginning of the day and again in the afternoon as well as before kai and use te reo throughout the day with basic commands, but I am wanting to further my te reo usage. I am a 51 year old pakeha and still feel a little awkward with my pronunciation but I am starting to use basic greetings outside my daycare centre and have had positive reactions so I will continue in my waka.

Ngaa mihi


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