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Whangarei – Terenga Paraoa.

Whangarei – Terenga Paraoa

Mount Manaia - Tu tea o Tu te po

Legend tells that the five key rock formations represent five people, running an eerie race across the mountain top; the paramount chief Manaia, his two children, Pito the beautiful wife he stole from the chief Hautatu. The aggrieved Hautatu is in pursuit brandishing his mere (stone weapon).Manaia is the ancestral mountain to all the tribes in whangarei, many whom can trace their genealogy back to this great chief, Manaia. There is a walking track to the summit provides the most spectacular views over the most dramatic harbour entrance in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

When people of the north are travelling home, you climb up the bryndewyn hills, once you reach the peak - you look down and out to the sea - your eyes are drawn to our sacred mountain Manaia, you have the ataahua feeling that are you home and this your true feeling in your that you are home- your true haukainga.

On personal note my sister, my daughter and our mokopuna’s have climbed this mountain and have told me the view is absolutely amazing and they felt such Wairau.