Whaea Hei Sisepi sharing her talent and love for raranga using harakeke with the awesome tauira in Room 2. Whaea Hei taught our students how to raranga stars, balls, fish and fantails. Then we shared some yummy kai with our special guest and reflected on our new skills learnt.

I learnt the kaikōhau and was thankful to be able to take my daughter to catch up with my whānau (sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew) in Bulls. I’m in the RNZAF and she is in the Army. Such a lovely but quick catch up. Unfortunately I don’t think the photo will show but it was a beautiful early flight home.

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I spent matariki in new Brighton beach, Christchurch with my children. First time Christchurch celebrated matariki with a beautiful event and the best fireworks display. This a wee snippet I’ve captured of my son dancing while watching the sky light up with amazing colours ❤️

I decorated the windows of the buildings around our school with messages and designs celebrating Matariki. This is our wharenui and my classroom, Tama Tū Tama Ora.

Te ramaroa. . formerly nelson lights

Pic - I decorated and created my Matariki Star (on right) placed it on the wall by my mokopuna! ! Throughout the week, in our morning devotions we shared different aspects relating to Matariki ie; waiata, korero whakapapa, scripture readings, activities and games. A remembrance vine and moemoea tree (names of loved ones on coloured card and placed on a tree), kai hakari fried bread to end our week.

For our Matariki moment this year at Spreydon Baptist Community Early Learning Centre we prepared Kai together and made a vegetable soup with our Tamariki. Our nursery tamariki said a karakia together and then helped to prepare the vegetables for our soup. They were so proud of the work they had done. We also did some flax weaving and learnt how to make our very own flax stars and flowers to use alongside our songs after sharing our Kai. The tamariki were even able to take their soup home to share with their whanau at the end of the day which they were very excited about!

Pic - I decorated and created my Matariki Star (on right) placed it on the wall by my mokopuna! ! Throughout the week, in our morning devotions we shared different aspects relating to Matariki ie; waiata, korero whakapapa, scripture readings, activities and games. A remembrance vine and moemoea tree (names of loved ones on coloured card and placed on a tree), kai hakari fried bread to end our week.

#Matariki moment. Shared kai (not pictured) at the beach in Whangarei with Koro and moko's. Ataahua! !

Matariki ahunga nui. This photo was taken at sunrise on Whitireia and Matariki disappeared from view. . This was the first time, as a Pākehā, that I have celebrated Matariki. My te reo Māori class prepared a hangi the night before and drove up in time to see Mataraki before the sun rose. There were karakia and karanga to the stars, followed by kai. I find it incredibly difficult to describe the feeling, the wairua, the importance of that experience and can't believe it took me this long, as a person born and raised in Aotearoa, he tangata Tiriti, to experience it. I will never forget that morning and will be celebrating Matariki every year.

I grew tomatoes by seed from New world little garden! I grew 180 tomatoes 🍅

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This is how our Kaitaia Primary Y0-2 tamariki celebrated Matariki 2021.

Taku Ao

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Our tamariki celebrating mātāriki, getting together with all the local schools. Lots of kai and laughter and beautiful waiata

I te moata o te ata i hīkoi tātou ko tōku whānau ki te matatihi o Pukeatua, tātou ko taku tamāhine, taku tūngāne, tōna hoa rangatira, āku irāmutu e toru, rātou ko tōku pāpā. E noho tahi ai, e whakaaro ana mō ngā wawata o te tau hou e heke mai. E whai whakaaro ana mō ēra kua wehe atu. E karakia ana, e Kōrero pūrakau, e waiata, e noho tahi ana. Ka karakia, ka Whakanoa, kātahi ka hoki ki te kāinga ki te kai Rawe tā tātou matariki

We celebrated Matariki at the moana in Otautahi. They had a massive fireworks display off the pier for Matariki. The whole beach was packed full of families enjoying the show.

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My Matariki 2021 was spent celebrating by taking my own photos of Matariki, enjoying the beautiful lights and activities I got up to in Tamaki Makaurau. I do not own the rights to the music.

Tēnei te matatau kia eke whakatū Matariki ki te rangi!

My matariki moment, Is where I spend some time with my whanau around the bong fire, Share stories about the good and bad times, sharing knowledge to our our young ones our next generation and just about loving one another and Just cherish the memories that we have with our loved ones 😊 Kia Ora.

Early morning Matariki walk up Isthmus Peak near Hawea - a bit cold!

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My daughter showing her Māmā the matariki showpiece at daycare.

Seeing Matariki & Maunga Aoraki in the morning!

My weekly art class had their debut exhibition of their Matariki art at the Kumeū Arts Centre. We spent the whole term learning about Matariki and where the story came from etc. I learned a lot I hadn’t known before, and they soaked it all up like sponges. They were all so proud to have their Matariki pieces shown alongside the adults’ Matariki show! This is a photo from the opening night of the exhibition where they saw their pieces on display for the first time.

Shared kai with loved ones and set some korerotia te reo goals with my work mate, learnt the Kaikohau and set some other personal goals for health and prosperity.

Kaitahi at Te Atawhai childcare centre. They made a Hangi with steam pudding and fry bread for the whole whanau from the Mokoia center.

Tangaroa Kiokio rising over Ruapehu while we waited for our ahi to heat up our hangi stones for our Hautapu rourou whakatara at Tohunga Hill in Ohakune.

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Our whaanau celebrated our first Matariki together this year. This gave us an opportunity to come together (which we haven't been able to do in years) but it also brought is back to our Turangawaewae which is Opotiki - #WhakatooheaMauRua. BEST Matariki ever! And many more to come!

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#kaitahi - Titi, kina, smoked fish, rewana bread and Kai from all corners of the world was shared with kaimahi in a room that was set up as a special space to sit, relax and learn about Matariki with a Moemoea tribute to those who we lost in the past year. A special time that I was privileged to share with my Dad in my tari - Mauri Ora

I spent my Matariki preparing a hungi for service users at the luck venue in palmerston north. I do it every year.

Our whānau shared memories of tūpuna who have passed. My tamahine potiki turned five during Matariki this year, and it was especially lovely remembering my beloved Nana who shares her name.

I whakanuia a Matariki e mātou ki te Marae o Opārure tata ki te tāone o Te Kūiti. Ko tērā taku wā tuatahi ki tērā marae, ko tērā hoki taku wā tuatahi mō te hautapu ❤️. Te rawe hoki!

Ake Accounting and Lightning Hub Whakatane celebrating Matariki with all tenants and members.

We ran a competition at our school, Taupo Primary, where children had to draw and write what the plan to do to celebrate Matariki during the school holidays. We bought t. shirts as prizes, and called the winners over the school intercom. This picture is in our office foyer and shows the 10 x winners entries and pictures of them with their new t. shirts.

At mahi, we released the hautapu to te Rangi as we finished karakia. The hāngi was cooked to perfection and the hapori gathered inside to kai together. There was some sharing so everyone could have enough. The kaikōhau was already in the karakia, it was the last verse: Matariki atua ka eke ki runga Nau mai ngā hua Nau mai ngā taonga Nau mai te Mātahi o te tau. Tūturu whakamaua kia tīna! Tīna! Haumi e. Hui e Taiki e. . .

Celebrating Matariki in Tāmaki Makaurau

The Tamariki at Matangirau Kindergarten in Te Wairoa welcomed Matariki through making manu aute and also creating and decorating ngā whetu o matariki in their own unique and special way. Tamariki were introduced to the pukapuka "The Seven Kites of Matariki" through reading the book and also using puppetry to retell the kōrero of the pukapuka. Tamariki also helped make a manu tukutuku, we were able to fly our pākau at a local farm in Te Wairoa called Bushdale Farms in Cricklewood sending wishes to the heavens above. Tamariki were introduced to a rangi waiata of identity and whakapapa to their tūrangawaewae of Te Wairoa. It was great learning for tamariki and kaiako to learn new kupu, increase knowledge of our whenua and to enhance our te reo Māori. Kia mau te wehi ngā tamariki me tō kaiako hoki. Nā Regina Te Amo (Practicum Student Teacher, Te Rito Maioha)

My akomanga collaborated on a poster of Matariki and her daughters. Then they created symbolism stars where they drew pictures of things that represented each star of Matariki ⭐

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The clouds we covering the stars that morning, so Matua got a group of tamariki to represent Matariki. As the sun was rising my friend and I got our photo taken to celebrate the coming year and renewal of an old friendship. We were lucky enough to be out on the lake.

Our whānau gathered together and wrote notes to our loved ones who have passed which were then attached to lanterns we released into the night sky. Pohutukawa is the star that connects Matariki to the the deceased. Releasing our lanterns was our way to connect to our deceased whānau who had passed in the last year.

My granddaughter Nelle entranced by the light tree at Matariki celebrations at Founders Park Nelson.

I sat with my students whilst we ate a beautiful hangi lunch and talked about people who inspire us. We spent half an hour talking, sharing and laughing. It's these moments which make my heart sing and make me feel like the luckiest person, my job isn't a job, it's a constant stream of conversation, 'ah ha' moments and reflective thoughts.

Matariki concert - building whanaungatanga with our ECE centre and our local School

My friends and I decided to take up a cycling class on this special day to celebrate new beginnings, a new training programme, eating more nutritious kai, healthier living and booking in for a doctors check up. We are part of USO Bike Ride and we promote this kaupapa as part of the drive for the club. The club has been running for 10 years now and our membership keeps on growing. On this particular day, 02/07/21, we decided to do an indoor cycling class to change it up a bit and add a new mix to our training schedule. To this day, we have incorporated indoor training during winter to maintain what we started since Matariki as we celebrated a new thing. Kia kaha ki te kōrero Māori i nga wā katoa. Mauri Ora

Following a shared kai, We spent the night around the fire stargazing/locating matariki with family and close friends. Telling stories of Matariki and of other Māori myths and legends. Setting goals for the new year ahead and remembering to slow down and enjoy the people around you. (I wish I could upload the other photos but this was my favourite one out of the bunch)

Making the space for whānau of the classrooms to come in and share some kai to celebrate Puaka Matariki.

Our son's kindy had a Matariki Disco where the kids dressed up as their favourite superhero. Shared kai was also had.

Matariki Celebrations with my siblings on 2/7/21. Celebrating te mātahi o te tau, as well as 21 matariki rises for my sister. An early morning where we remembered our loved ones and sung them on their way to be gathered by Taramainuku, and gave thanks to our tūpuna, atua, and taiao for the abundance they bring, whilst setting our aspirations for this Matariki. Mauri Ora!

This photo was taken at 5:30am in Pōrangahau - kaimahi Māori in a govt organisation traveled to Kuwaka Marae, Pōrangahau as part of a Māori leadership programme. We woke up at 5am to remember our loved ones (who have passed on) and set goals for the new year. We sat around a roaring fire and sang songs. It was an incredible experience. Mihi atu kia kōrua ko Raina Ferris rāua ko Takuta (Doc) Ferris. You can clearly see Matariki in this photo. Love it.

Making memories with my moko at Matai Whetu Marae remembering those we have lost

Kia ora - one of my favourite Matariki moments this year has been my class making God's eyes to represent the eyes of Tāwhirimātea. We then displayed these in one of our town's local parks for the community to enjoy the display of these plus other students Matariki artwork. Our town had a celebration of lights - bringing people together xo

During this Matariki, I published one pocket book: "Te reo, Chinese and English 100" assist more Chinese to understand Te reo and also assist more Māori to study Chinese.

We spent the day gathering Kai moana for our mātāriki hākari, great day spent with work mates, and our first ika went back to Tangaroa.

Grandad teaching his moko to fish. That night we then looked at the Matariki stars. Beautiful day for all :)

I welcomed Matariki with a personal, introspective walk at sunrise with Silo Theatre’s *Mauri Tau* experience playing in my ears. It was -1 as I walked over the dunes to the beach and a spectacular sunrise. I watched the sky and the stars and the waves. I laughed. I cried. I picked up a feather. Saw an eel-like scrawl of seaweed. A clear night sky and a calm dawn. What a wonderful way to mark the end of one year and the start of a new year. Mānawatia o Matariki!

My whanau and I celebrated Matariki at my daughter’s Kohanga disco. We ended our night looking up to the stars where we know her little brother is proudly watching over us from. 😊

We had a shared hangi at mahi. Everyone contributed some kai and helped prepare it then we cooked a hangi in a Kai cooker for lunch.

it's all about love sharing connections with the whanau and the community awesome time celebrating different menu food variety and many more people

We are an early childcare centre and we spent a whole week doing lots of different activities. We made kites and hung them from our ceilings, we were flax weaving, and made star charts using our cutting, gluing and sewing skills. All nga tamariki brought in a vegetable and made a pumpkin and vegetable soup. We tried our hardest (twice with no joy) to made Rewana bread. It was the journey not the destination on that one! We all had a super fun time.

This year I learned that kites are important to Matariki so we went to the gardens to fly kites. I taught my son what "manu tukutuku" means and how it symbolises the beginning of Matariki

Kia Ora! This whakaahua was taken on the top of a puke at our Marae - Pohatuiri. Our whānau came together for whakawhanaungatanga, mahi maara & Matariki over the weekend on the 2nd - 4th July. Whanau we’re up at 4:30am every morning to observe Matariki. We had woven some kono with our tamariki for the hautapu on Sunday morning. This photo was taken around 5:15am and we were very blessed to have captured the beauty in the sky that morning. The whole experience was so amazing and I will forever cherish that feeling of being one with everything. Thanks for allowing us to share these moments with you! Mauri Ora 💜💜💜

Matariki Weekend roadie dusk on Desert Rd

Watching the fireworks in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

My incredible 9yo daughter studies the signs of matariki and wandered her way through the stars in search of them: only to find them all by herself. She then shared with whanau how she was lead there and was able to navigate all of us. Not only a win for us that she found Matariki, but that she was so determined to learn herself and be independent.

I hīkoi mātou ki te tihi o Te Ahumairangi ki Poneke. Ko te 4 karaka i te ata te wā i wehe atu i ō mātou kāinga. "Tākiri te ata, ka pua te ata, kōrihi te manu. Tino awatea. "

Ahi ka Ki poneke

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Our whānau gathered together to have a kai (a couple of weeks ago) and to spend time remembering whānau and friends that had passed on, over the past year. . . an uncle, a very close family friend and distant cousins. Paper origami stars were made and our tamariki performed a few waiata for us. This year was the first time we gathered specifically to acknowledge and celebrate Matariki, and it is definitely a time of year that we will continue to celebrate and gather for, as we grow in our knowledge and learning of Matariki. Mānawatia a Matariki! !

I am the Māori Prefect at my high school, we organised heaps of activities during the wiki for our kura. Including a workshop with the year nines which was learning how to make harakeke flowers, Poi and a waiata about Matariki. We had heaps oh fun and the school definitely enjoyed it ❤️

I haere au me toku whanau ki Manea Nga Tapuwae o Kupe! ! My whanau are from the Hokianga and as most of us live far from home we decided as a whanau for this new year to start learning about our kainga! Going to Manea was an awesome start to this Maori new year and a wonderful way to inspire the whanau to make more of an effort in connecting with where and who we come from. Learning more about our Atua Maori has been an aspiration of mine especially Tawhirimatea and his connection to Matariki! slowly but surely im learning about Te Whanau a Puhi all from this haerenga to Manea and the choice my whanau made for this new year. Nga mihi o te tau hou!

My 2 children enjoying the Matariki kite/mana tukutuku at Ferguson park in Matua, Tauranga Moana.

We had a special Matariki Day doing activities about the 9 stars and then to conclude we all came together and learnt the kaikohau unfortunately I was very sick and thought I was taking a video but hadn’t pressed record so got stuck with just this photo instead🙄

This was the first year we got up out of bed to experience our first Matariki. My husband and I are both 40 and our sons 5 and 9. I was in tears seeing how beautiful it was to witness with our boys. I have organised a whānau rendezvous in Tāupo for the first annual Matariki holiday next year. To be together, share Kai and enjoy spending time. Kia kaha! Marion Haines and Whānau x

We held a school assembly to celebrate Puanga. This is the first time our school, Te Kura o Manutahi, has celebrated Puanga. We all learnt a lot and enjoyed sharing our learning with our community.

I haere mātou ki Te Reo Matahīapo Matariki Reo Wānanga kei Ngā Whare Waatea Marae. Nō te timatanga o te rā, ka haere te rōpū ki te piki Te Pane o Mataoho (Mangere Mountain) karakia ai. Amuri i te karakia, i ako mātou e pā ana ki a Matariki.

This was the first time for me to see Matariki rise. I was with my son Max and we were at the top of Mauao. It was a moment that I’ll never forget. To share that moment with my son will always be special to me. It was a time to reflect, think of those we’ve lost and to be thankful for all we have. This photo was taken on the 02 July 2021.

I kai tahi, i waiata tahi hoki tāku akomanga ki Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiarangi hei whakanui i i te kaupapa o Matariki.

My daughter performed in Matariki with kotuku kapahaka group for matariki at Te Atatu North marae coalition gathering with other school and activities on.

This year i celebrated Matariki by learning more about Matariki and sharing my learning with my tamariki. We made vegetable soup, kumara bread, recited kaikohau and karakia and sung waiata. Roasted marshmellows on an outdoor ahi. We shared this with our extended whānau

Our team gathered for some kai, and a Matariki quiz, then we learned the kaikōhau together. I was also able to use it in a session with a young person. Later we went to the Te Awakairangi Pride event where the MC lead everyone in saying the kaikōhau as well.

Ko tēnei tā tātou whangai i te hautapu te tuatahi.

We celebrated Matariki with our whānau in Te Rakipaewhenua. This was for the our very last Te Reo Māori wānanga.

Magical night at Otaki beach , even the Orcas came to celebrate 🐳🐋

We spent matariki in Te Taitokerau at our nanny’s on the farm where we could get the best views of Matariki herself. Also treated ourselves to a night out at Ngawha Hotsprings.

Grace. Age 7. For matariki I gave thanks to Tupu-a-rangi by helping plant 500 harakeke in Manurewa, along side my Papa, whaea, nga hoa and beautification trust. More info on fb @beautification trust

Little ahi to keep us warm so we can stay up and get a look at Whanui's celestial kumara.

Our year 8 art learners created this mural of kai moana, the Matariki stars and the moon for a celebration of Matariki. It was displayed at Mairangi art centre.

Attending the Matariki celebrations again at Te Whanganui a Tara waterfront was awesome with my daughter. I love being a part of her journey as a young Maori wahine, and my journey as a (new name/phrase I have learnt) Tangata tiriti Pakeha.

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Whanau get together for Matariki this time in Katikati, always good times jamming :)

Kia Ora, I made a Matariki star memory game for my workplace. We gathered together to learn about the Matariki star cluster by each staff member being assigned a star to learn about and then teach the group.

Our Children learnt about the stars in the Matariki cluster. They then made Hiwa-i-te-rangi and put their wishes on them

Te Miro School shares Matariki night with the Te Miro Community under the stars. We light a fire to start the evening sing and share stories under lights in our own Native Bush planted by past pupils. It is a magical night and is often referred to by patrons of the school as 'the best celebration of the year'! We end the night with a magical lantern tour through the bush where tamariki have made magical grottos, and then come together for soup made by our whānau.

My birthday fell on the first day of Matariki this year, my beautiful son Apera launched his EP “Ka Rere Tātou” on Spotify and joined me for an awesome weekend in Whanganui. We celebrated by joining whānau at Bushy Park to visit and mihi Ratanui, shared an evening with friends at at a gig, prepared a meals for whānau and friends and celebrated my birth day by sharing a new experience, a sonic bath which was totally awesome. Life is abundant and we are blessed that we notice it, ngā mihi 🥰🙏🦋🪲

Marlborough: Redwoodtown School's inaugural Matariki Celebration Hangi. Awesome to have expert advice and whānau involved. Ngā mihi nui tumuaki, kaiako, kaiawhina, tamariki me ngā whānau.

I made a Matariki star memory game for my workplace. We gathered together to learn about the Matariki star cluster by each staff member being assigned a star to teach the group about.

Discovery School Matariki celebration ontop of Mercury Way in Whitby, Porirua. Karakia, karanga, history of Ngati Toa and students sharing what Matariki means to them and their whānau ✨

Catering kai as in dinner for rua tekau ma tane at Te Whare Korowai o Kirikiriroa on Wednesday 30th June.

As an under 2s infant and toddler teacher our team decided this year to have a share kai gathering in the evening after the centre had closed. We all picnicked on the floor chatting, laughing and talking with the whānau about their aspirations for their tamariki for the coming year. It was a wonderful evening and very appropriate for this age group. The tamariki loved spending time with their whānau and their kaiako together at the centre.

We made whetū harakeke to decorate our whare for Matariki this year and my tama and I learnt all their names together. He's 4 and has loved learning about each whetū and starting new traditions as a whānau.

Kia Ora I’m a kaiako in Te Ahureinga O Te Aroha (Ōrākei school). This is our Matariki moment.

This is the first year my tamariki and i have attempted to try and partake in Matariki celebrations. We've taken our inspiration from our whaanau back in Aotearoa, especially the koorero from Dr. Rangi Mataamua. We are still new in understanding a lot about Matariki but took what information we had and made it our own. Our whaanau currently reside in Perth, Western Australia. To celebrate, my tamariki and I headed to the moana just before sunset and took lanterns down with us. We wrote messages of love to our whaanau who had passed the year of on one side, and wrote our goals and aspirations for the year that is to be on the other. I did a very short karakia (our reo journey is in its' infancy stages) including the kaikoohau on the website. We spent a little while walking through the subtle waves lapping the shoreline asking the kids to explain to me what matariki means to them. For me, this is important as both my tamariki were born here in Perth. We then come home to a beautiful kai shared as a whaanau. Roast pork, slow cooked lamb with all the trimming. Kai reka! ! ! (sorry we didn't capture any photos of us doing this. I didn't think to take any pictures but will remember to next year)

To celebrate Matariki I haeretahi matou ko toku whānau ki tetahi Cafe kai ai. 3 generations in 1 photo. Nga mihi o Te tau hou Māori ki a tātou katoa.