I ordered my coffee in Te Reo Māori and spent the afternoon doing my mahi on the Tipu app

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Our tamariki singing the national anthem of Aotearoa

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Enabling Good Lives Waikato decided to dedicate this waiata in sign language to remember The Māori language petition delivered to Parliament in 1972 asking for active recognition of te reo Māori.

I said my Pepeha today at work for the first time, I felt pretty whakama but supported and it was appreciated and celebrated. I have now made a commitment to always say my pepeha now in these meetings.

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The children enjoyed performing a song they had learnt for Matariki.

I led a moment every day at 12pm for the whole week. A new waiata everyday for our organisation on teams, an online platform our organisation of over 1000 use to connect remotely given covid etc. I had maybe around 100 people join each day. Idea was to do for whole week so that everyone could make it. It was alot of fun and everyone appreciated and enjoyed. These moments were recorded and shared with our woder organisation if they missed it at 12pm. These recordings will have privacy pieces so cannot upload without permission from a few hundred. If knew we could upload later would've gotten before recording. Hei aha, the moment was a great idea and I enjoyed leading it for our organisationa! I believe the best way for everyone is through tikanga Māori! ! Ngā mihi!

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Here's a glimpse of the concert we did during the Maori Language Week. : )

Due to Covid-19 we have not been able to hold Kotahitanga day with our Kaumatua. So it was recorded and sent live stream ot FB to our Kaumatua. For our exercises this week we did it all to waiata which was invigorating and funny for some of the moves our leaders had for us, our "Turn" was "Huruhuru" had us in fits of laughter. We had a fun day and it was enjoyed by all.

As a kindergarten we came together and sang waiata

We did some kapa haka and a new game that the children have been learning.

I stepped out of my comfort zone & started working as a Kaimahi this year in June. Everyday I am learning te reo māori by practicing and learning together with the pepi. I used to be too whakamā to do the programme for Wā Whariki for our pepi, because my reo is very limited, te reo māori books have been a massive teaching tool for me. ❤❤❤

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Our entire school of 111 tauira went to our hall to sing 2 waiata to celebrate Te Waa Tuku Reo Maaori. We use waiata a lot to grow the use of te reo in our kura.

Our company decided to put a display together of Taonga and a little explanation about them and then we had a hangi! Yummy.

I have been teaching the students about the weather in te reo Māori. We played weather bingo, matching the kupu to the pikitea then we read "Ngā Tohu o Tāwhirimātea" which they managed to decode entirely.

Moving from Auckland to the West Coast. Super cool: my new team embracing a whakatau tinana session that I guided for #tewikiotereomaori. The newbie in the office is now taking the team through tikanga, place names and meanings and beginners Te Reo.

This is our memory tray for this weeks Brain Training Exercise Home Work. I am the Activities Coordinator for our independent living residents in our Dementia Friendly retirement village. We meet 1 x weekly for a 1/2 hour Strengthen and Balance exercise routine followed by a half hour Brain Training Routine. The residents wrote the Maori names of the displaced items and have been given 1 week to learn them. Tomorrow is test day. Their results of all their memory tests are for their own knowledge and usually they freely share their results with each other. Learning a new language is a very good exercise for the brain to remain Brain Fit, and to help retain memory!

Opening practice sessions with Whakatauki, team members having an opportunity to find a suitable opening and closing in Te Reo. All able to speak and practice the language

Ko Tracey Tooku ingoa Kei Te ako Au e Te reo maori Ko Te Awanuiarangi Te whare wanaga Kei Te mahi ki Te Hohipera oo Taranaki This is my moment, a journey 😍

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Coming together to share our voice in waiata.

He manawa whakahirahira ahau ki te Maori, he pai ki ahau taaku tamahine i te kōhanga hei kawe i to maatau reo. to maatau waahi ki te kōhanga i Otautahi.

Our Te Reo moment in 2020… We decided to celebrate Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori at noon on the 14th by joining a small group of staff at the Te Wāhi Wāhine – the Auckland Women’s Centre in Grey Lynn for mihi, pepeha, karakia, waiata – all glad to be celebrating te reo, and committed to on-going learning. We have also featured Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori and related issues at the top of our blog this month on www. earthtalk. co. nz

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Celebrating both Te Reo Māori and NZ Sign Language with the hīmene 'Wairua Tapu'

Daily emails within our organisation encouraging the use of Reo

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AUT BSR Year 2 students at Toi Ohomai in Tauranga sending out a big Kia Ora for Mahuru Māori ❤️

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We had fun singing in the pool. You can practice Te Reo maori everywhere! Great job Kauri class at Blomfield Special School.

Working in an Early Childhood Centre we were outside when 12:00 came around, drawing around our bodies with chalk. It was lots of fun to use Te Reo Māori to name their body parts.

At 12pm the team at Royal Society TeApārangi came together to waiata

We said karakia kai together, had a yummy vegetarian kai then did a reo Māori quiz

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Our school performed the school haka and we had a photo booth available for tamariki.

Akoranga ki te tari o Maataa Waka

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My name is Ray T Isaacs. I am a former 20 year career veteran soldier, Defence Army (Aug 1974-Aug 1994). During my military career I had the opportunity to be recruited into the famous NZ Army Band as the first official Rhythm/Lead Guitarist. Music for me has been a life time passion. Today in my music capacity I advertise myself as "Top Freelance Musician, singer, songwriter. I have been singing and playing Maori music all my life and it remains a music passion.

It was fun to know the Maori words.

The ESOL students at Lincoln High School really enjoyed learning waiata in their ESOL classes. Great to see our students from Thailand, Japan and China having such fun learning waiata, especially when they are far away from their families and won’t be able to return home for the holidays due to COVID.

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I have an Instagram account that's about all things board gaming, with a focus on diversity. For te wiki o te reo Māori I showcased a few games made here in NZ that feature te reo Māori.

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We had many moments throughout this incredibly important week which included a waiata, speaking te reo, learning about key historical events that lead to us having the opportunity to celebrate our language and teach it to our moko, ending the week with a fun team quiz about all we should have learned throughout the week and more.

Karawhiua ngā huakau ki te tākaro Ariki

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Waiata sung by tamariki of Natural Steps.

Made an ipu whenua and Kawakawa pēpi balm at a Whānau Mai class for my pending pēpi.

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TOP Singing Purea Nei: The Opportunities Party wants to enable New Zealand to release the constraints of sub-standard policy-making, be transformed by a new approach to politics and fly free in the spirit of fairness for all.

E to mātou Mātua i te rangi, Kia tapu tōu ingoa. Kia tae mai tōu rangatiratanga. Kia meatia tau e pai ai ki runga i te whenua, Kia rite ano ki to te rangi. Homai ki a mātou āianei he taro mā mātou mo tēnei rā. Murua o mātou hara, me mātou hoki e muru nei I o te hunga e hara ana ki a mātou. Aua hoki mātou e kawea kia whakawaia; Engari whakaorangia mātou i te kino. Nou hoki te rangatiratanga, te kaha, me te kororia, Āke, āke, āke Amine

Melanie -RTLB. A group of us joined together to share our mihi, sang Te Aroha, the NZ national anthem and practiced basic conversational skills. It was a lovely half hour together, thank you for being the catalyst for this.

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At 12pm i was changing my pump on my sewerage system but stopped to soak in the beauty of our reo and the rā 💛

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Tēnā koe, I waiata mātou "Te Kāreti o Kawana" i ētahi waiata rongonui, ā, I hakaina hoki te haka o te kura e ngā teina o te kura.

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Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Māori Language Week 💚 At 12pm on Monday, I met the brother Glen. He was simply doing his mahi and working next to us when I was getting into my car at 12pm 🌿 This was our paku korero! I found out that he's Ngāti Porou and Ngā Puhi, but is yet to learn more about his whakapapa and where he's from 💚 What a courageous fella for stepping out, giving the reo that he knew a go, and for letting me record him. If you're out there my bro, much love to you and all the best on your journey of self discovery, identity, whakapapa and te reo Māori 🔥 One million speakers of te reo Māori by 2040, lesssgooo 🤙🏽 Mauri ora ki a koutou 💚 #ReoMāori #ReoMaori #TheFuture

kia ora! I met with ToiToi (Te Matua a Māui Opera House and Kahurangi dance company. Said my pepeha te mea te mea. taku tamāhine sang a waiata and we finished our hui with a kārakia. It felt meke

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Kia Ora this is my son Noa born in England living Australia. Im very proud of him he was curious about our reo as i am reconnecting being away from home for many years. Noa was keen to learn a bit each day. Here he is still learning his pepeha. Karawhuia!

I work for a medical centre in Cambridge nz and this was my contribution fir te wiki o te reo maori

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Students at Iqra school in New lynn spent the week playing Poi rākau, and learnt the two commands mauī and matau in preparation for it. All classes from years 1 to 6 were taught the game by me (whaea Mariam) the week prior, and they all spent their morning tea and lunch times enjoying the game lead by their class teachers during Te Wiki o Te Reo.

We stopped our kōrero in the workshop we were attending and everyone stood and sang a waiata. It was awesome! Lynn, Ōtepoti

We sang EIAIE in my Year 3 class.

I shared my pepeha with my Executive Team

I sang the national anthem, very loudly, in te reo!

I did The Lords Prayer in Te Reo and put my video on my FB page. Had a great response to it and actually inspired a few people along the way to learn Te Reo as well 👌🏼😁

Spontaneous visit from my dad. Our moment started with a simple Kia ora! He is paakehaa and often pronounces Maaori place names wrong. What I like now is I have corrected him so often he is comfortable with me correcting him now and will try as I won’t let the conversation continue untill he does :) he will ring me and answer with Kia ora too. Ahakoa he iti, he Pounamu

Kia ora, I went to Maori TV's Toku Reo, which I love. I have borrowed two Wimpy Kid books one Te Reo, one english, and I intend to keep going 10 minutes a day. I tried to find Scotty Morrison's Book1 in the library, but not available (probably many people have reserved it. ) kia kaha

The small, diverse team at Eldernet worked on their te reo all week. We brought in a kaiako from our community who helped us with pronunciation - especially the English, Scottish, Chinese and American members of the team

Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori - the Māori Language Moment was celebrated at Whitireia Polytechnic, Porirua campus as the Māori flag was raised to start Te Wiki o te Reo Maori. Whitireia Performing Arts students sang a beautiful waiata in celebration of Maori Language Week.

listend to a te reo maori podcast via spotify - sorry i didnt manage to capture a photo

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Douglas Park School, coming together to sing Purea Nei

I listened to the beautiful language and greeted people on my walk with Morena and Kia Ora

My students practicing during our weekly Kapa Haka lesson.

  https://www. facebook. com/LincolnUniNZ/videos/2580683132242078/

Sent a work email in Te Reo. I got a lot of woohoos.

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Marek and Kerri from Ngā Ānahera Māori in Los Angeles perform 2 waiata

I work in a call-centre so while I'm doing my mahi I was listening to waiata from my phone and headphones. I would use kupu with my collegues. I try to do this everyday anyway.

Kua tunu keke mātou, kua kōrero Māori mō ngā kupu kai katoa me ngā kupu mahi. Te tohu o Te Wiki o te Reo Māori te ahua.

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We gathered all our students and staff to sing a waiata we learnt in celebration of Te Reo Māori.

Workbridge had fun in a nationwide Te Reo Maori quiz at 12. 00pm on the 14th. This was by virtual connection. Our CEO opened with Karakia and welcome, we all sang a waiata and then learnt new Maori kupu. we had over 50 of our team all huddled together in this very special moment in time. We continue to take our Te Reo journey. . . . . .

At Mangatangi school we sang waiata for our Maori Language moment.

I played E Papa and sang along with my daughter to that as well as son Annika Moa Te Reo songs

Karakia on the beach. Learnt a new whakatauki.

Played a board game with friends and only spoke to each other in te reo Maori as much as we could

I said morena, every morning to my family and work colleagues, it's become the norm for me to say it everyday now

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Our Y9 and 10 students all joined together in the school gym. We also had some seniors turn up who were not in exams :)

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Featherston School were having our usual Friday afternoon Kapa Haka practise. We heard our PM was next door to our school so we quickly headed over to Haka her and welcome her to our little town.

Visiting Waikoropūpu Springs just outside Takaka last weekend after stopping to research my whanau to do my pepiha and whakapapa for the Te Reo course I’ve started through Te Kura online as an adult student.

Tyrell Ngatai celebrates for Te Reo

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Tamariki @ Little Sunbeams tore o puanga Mayfair

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Invited all of my work mates to greet each other with a morena or Kia Ora

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At midday, a few in our rōpu, sang a waiata. . .

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Ānei ētahi o ngā kaimahi o te Whare Pukapuka o H B Williams. Tītiro mai, whakarongo mai 🙂 Kia kaha te Reo Māori! #ReoMāori HB Williams Memorial Library staff support the Māori Language Moment at 12 noon today, with songs from Ngā Manu Tīoriori (Gisborne District Council’s waiata group).

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My wee grandson and I are learning to count in Te Reo, today it was while hanging out the washing

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At Papatoetoe Central School we joined in with the Māori Language Movement by. . . the whole school all 700 plus kids came out of their classrooms, joined up and sung or danced to the waiata “Aotearoa” by Stan Walker!

I was proud to sing a song in Maori to my grandsons Erere taku poi

Celebrating Te Reo Maori at Toi Ohomai, Windermere campus

To celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori Capital Magazine had a chat with Awanui Te Huia (in English and te reo Māori). She told us about how we can all help to make Wellington a more bilingual city. https://capitalmag. co. nz/2020/09/14/qa-awanui-te-huia/

Nga kaimahi no te tari o Te Puni Kokiri ki Tamaki Makaurau

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Tauira and Kaiako at Green Bay High School participated in kemu Maori, flashmob haka and choreographed a tik tok dance sequence to a funky waiata Maori.

Leant lots of new Maori words and Wendy and me enjoyed researching our whakapaoa

I sang Ma te aroha to my grandchildren.

I did Kai Karakia with tōku tamariki before having lunch kai 👌

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This was our Kura at 12:00pm, assembled together - He whakamoemiti ki te Atua Kaha Rawa

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This was the National Hauora Coalition's contribution to the national launch of the Mahuru Maori kiriata. We had such a laugh ! and you will too

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Joining with staff and visitors for waiata at Auckland War Memorial Museum. Very moving!

CORE whānau in Ōtautahi and online across Aotearoa participated in Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori | Māori language moment by reciting Unuhia te Pō, our karakia.

I'm Māori and finally at a place where I really want to increase my knowledge and fluency of te reo. Mīharo! Ko au te 53, mena ka taea e au ka taea ano hoki e koe! Wow! I'm 53, if I can do it you can too!

I te ahiahi nei, ka hui maaua ko Tom i runga i te ipurangi, korerorero ai. He haora katoa te roa o ta taua korero, o roto i te reo rangatira, mo tana haerenga moorearea i te tuawhenua o Amerika ki te Tonga. Te kaha hoki o aana peke me te heke ma runga paihikara! Ko tenei hui-a-ipurangi he hui rawe, aa, he waa poto o Mahuru Maaori. He paakeha te tokorua nei.