Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022 | Māori Language Week 2022

He tau whakahirahira te tau 2022. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition, an event that led to many of the kaupapa we have today, including Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

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I did some mahi on my te reo course and kete 1 of the Māori Made Easy books

We visited Auckland Museum. At the museum in the Māori Court, we enjoyed a moving performance. Here we are at 12:00pm pausing for a moment to acknowledge and remember the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition.

Tena koutou e te Iwi At our kura, Te kura taatahi o Waihi (Waihi beach school). We learned the longest place name in Aotearoa not only is it the longest place name in Aotearoa but the longest place name in the World. "TaumatawhakatangihangakoauauoTamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu" We learned how to say it using Cuisenaire rods and we also learned and understood the meaning behind the name. He ingoa Rangatira tera.

At our Central North Island Office located in Kirikiriroa, we clebrated together by making we poi and a harakeke putiputi each.

Exploring te reo Māori through art like charcoal drawing.

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A nice sentence for our friends :)

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At our kura we sang kia mau ki tō ūkaipō together. The tamariki really enjoyed learning it.

I haere mātou ki Pāremata inānahi ka tautoko mātou i te whakanui i te rima tēkau huritau o Te Petihana Reo Māori.

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Tauwhare School Kapa Haka group practising the Haka.

Kia ora, I have been incorporating te reo in the online workshop I facilitate for the ASB. I also attended a workshop to help with other kupu I can use. Ngā mihi

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The LIFT Social Enterprise whanau practicing waiata tautoko

Kiaora e te iwi ko Nimita-dawn tōku ingoa, Ko te reo te tuakiri o tōku oranga. Ko te aho matua me te reo te take.

I love being Kaea for my kura kapahaka group!

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Video: Took my small group of high school mums (he Māori te katoa) to Te Puia cafe where they all ordered drinks i te reo Māori. Our server didn't speak Māori so another kaiako stood beside her to tautoko. Photo: kai ngātahi me te kōrero Māori anake

Practicing pepeha with my team at work, learning a karakia kia at home, learning about the Māori language petition, and greeting people in te reo Māori

I will put more effort into using te reo in my everyday life

We created a Maori language strategy at the office for the next 50 years.

Nui ana ngā hononga ō roto i te ao māori mōku! Kaha ana te kōrero i roto i te reo māori i ngā wā katoa kia matatau te rongo, kia mōhio te whānau kō wai? he whakapapa tō te reo! Me aro ki te reo, me kōrero īnā he aha! Kia aki te painga o te whānau me ngā tikanga māori - tēna kia ako, kia rongo ngā taringa e pīpī tonu i roto i ngā akoranga māori.

A contingent of kaimahi from te Manatū mō te Taiao attended the national commemorative event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Te Reo Māori petition - it was a special moment to be a part of.

In 'Te wiki o Te Reo Māori' I have written a pūrākau about an amazing dream I had about the Māori language soaring. It's called: 'E RERE, TE REO, E RERE'. It's written in simple Te Reo and I made a power point presentation with painted pictures about my dream. This was part of a aromatawai for my level 3 Te Reo course. Nō Tiamana ahau. I am happy to send you the PPP and my reflection of the dream.

This photo was taken on the same day two years apart to celebrate Te Wiki o te reo Māori Ka rawe e Tamariki!

Embraceing learning then using the Maori language, with my children.

Spoke some te reo in my daily routine

Planted this tree in celebration of the 50th year petition signing and te wiki o te reo Māori 2022 as I won this tree during my te reo lessons level one :)

Kia kaha!

Ko te rōpu i te pikitia ko Te Whānau Kōtuku ki te kura tuatahi o Paraparaumu. E rua ngā akomanga i te rōpu nei, kotahi akomanga tuākana, kotahi akomanga tēina. E mahi ana ahau i te akomanga tuākana, he kaiāwhina ahau. Mō Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori i tēnei tau, ka haere mātou ki te whakanui petihana, e 50 tau, he mea whakahirahira mō ngā tamariki. I noho ki Paremata mātou, i waiata, i kai, i katakata, i ako hoki mātou. Ko ēnei tamariki, ko te rangatira ō ngā rā kei te heke mai.

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga. I kōrero ahau i te reo māori, I ako ahau i kupu hou. e mihi ana ki tōku whānau ki āwhina mai kia kaha te reo māori My most fun and informed Te Wiki o Te Reo yet, can't wait to learn more and more!

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In our office we set up a display with taonga, sharing knowledge and resources with our colleagues. We ran a team activity where each team was assigned an Iwi and put together a Powerpoint sharing their learnings about the Iwi, their dialect, key events etc. These were combined into one Powerpoint and played across the centre. We organised a delivery of paraoa parai on Wednesday to enjoy with the anniversary celebrations which were live streamed in our café. We also ran a game of bingo where staff were given nama in te reo Māori and had to translate to English. We had stories of staff member's te reo journey displayed. We shared stories and knowledge of staff member's Tā Moko. We had a data show playing kapahaka, waiata, and TV shows in the café throughout the week AND we finished it all off with beautiful steam pudding on Rāmere! The video shared is of my daughter for the Māori Language Moment 2022. Kia kaha te reo Māori!

A small group of ngā tamariki and kaiako attended a special Te Wiki o te Reo Māori Tamariki Time held at Te Whare Pukapuka o Ōtaki

Did the traditional whanau hangi as part of celebration of coming together and sharing our Reo reflecting on what u did during the week.

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This is a song these young men reprised from our first Celebrating Matariki earlier this year at Riverlea Theatre in Hamilton. Thanks to Sir Dave Dobbyn for releasing this song in te Reo, translated by Hana Mereraiha.

The Environment Canterbury Waiata Rōpū singing in the foyer.

To join the celebration, Green Acres shared a series of te Reo terms in relation to Home Cleaning and Lawn & Garden. Encouraging our clients to implement these words in their daily conversations with our Green Acres franchisees. We also translated our tagline and logo from English to te Reo Māori! (Green Acres is New Zealand's home for professional, affordable home cleaning and lawn mowing & gardening services. ) Kia harikoa te hoki mai ki te kainga (Come Home Happy) & Hari wiki o te Reo Māori e te iwi (Happy Māori Language week) Find us on: Instagram: greenacres_nz Facebook: GreenAcresNZ Greenacres. co. nz

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This is a sped up version of me teaching some Reo to my work colleagues by playing a game of Māori word bingo. My state leader even jumped in to play. I started my Reo journey 2 years ago when I learnt some of my whakapapa after growing up in Australia. So I’m super proud that I have the knowledge and challenge myself more and more each year.

Learning some new kupu

Used in written and spoken reo

My workplace ran a give away of some te reo resource packs we made about Te Aitanga o pepeke 😁

I did one lesson a day in Kōrerorero, a Te Reo learning app. I played Māori Word Find to expand my kupu.

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Kaimahi o Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Te Rangi Iwi Trust celebrating Mahuru Māori and Te wiki o Te Reo Māori.

Hi learning to o speak te reo

I am Latin American, Colombian and I understand the concept of uses and customs that our original peoples have tried to preserve through the years. Language is one of those expressions that give identity and by which peoples are differentiated. Let's not let it get lost.

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I labeled our entire department in the deli at work with the name for it in te reo and wrote the day of the week in Maori every day on the white board. Also tried to get the team to use more te reo when serving customers

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Tīno reka ngā taonga o ngā Ātua e hari ana au ki tōku ngākau mō ngā kai Mauri tuu Mauri ora Kōrero Māori ia rā, ia rā, ia rā ❤️

Spreading te aroha

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The Maori flag been put up after a while of Mahi to do so , at Otago Polytechnic/ Te Pukena

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A fun and uplifting experience learning Whakarongo.

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This is a Haka Performed by My Son Harley Taylor-Williams Te Awamutu Intermediate Rugby Team. They had just Won an all day Rugby Tournament for the first time ever in History on Their own Home grounds Te Awamutu Sport Rugby Stadium. Against other Waikato Intermediate Rugby Teams.

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Ia rā i tēnēi wiki, i mahi tōku wāhi mahi ko tē whītu tūhono ki te Reo Māori. I kōrero mātou i mātou pepeha i tērā Rātū.

Tēnā koutou katoa Personally I learnt a kupu and phrase everyday including a Waiata as I am on my te reo journey. And I rewrote my full pepeha and continue to learn from my husband - Maniapoto - who knows te Reo. On social media I shared every post I could in regard to our celebrating our reo. I shared the celebration at Parliament as I work in government. In our mahi I was part of celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo but taking part in Karakia every morning, Waiata, we played Games in Te Reo, we recognised 50 years with launching our Te Reo Māori policy at MSD. Finally I’ve been wearing my cap with your logo, I love it and have always wanted a Hoodie. Ngā mihi nui

We went for a family holiday to Rotorua. In this photo we are at Te Puia standing in front of the geysers, not long after this photo one of them erupted was such an extraordinary experience.

We attended the celebration at Parliament with a group of tamariki. Throughout the week we have been learning new waiata, creating art and having many discussions about the importance of te reo

Watched the parliament live stream and released/announced our company waiata that a group of us had been working on creating. Kia kaha te reo Māori ❤️

I am stuck at home with long-term illness so feel a little out off touch with te wiki o te reo Māori but I have worked on updating my pepeha, practised with the Tākaro game cards, watched Moana te reo Māori. Best of all I was able to honour my father (in a eulogy) who as a pākeha Christian minister in Gisborne in the mid 1970's went to night school to learn Māori.

I te hui tumuaki (huri noa i Aotearoa) ahau e kōrero māori ana! Mauriora! ! !

Working as a community nurse I have use te reo maori as much as I can and praise anyone who gives it a go.

Online sites

Our 2 youngest had a a disco for Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori week last minute notice, hubby and I designed and drew on our boys tops a little moko which represents mum dad older brother and sister plus themselves and included the Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori face as they requested and hubby done a mataora on each of our boys, kids loved it

I work as a receptionist at a GP clinic. In celebration of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, I greeted every person I saw, including other staff members in Te Reo.

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I do cadets at 1 sqn Wellington and wanting to express my love for the reo that my tipuna would just to korero I wanted to share that with my fellow cadets of 1 sqn and Wellington city cadet unit with asking them to guess the kupu and making a funny little vid out of it.

Learning my whakapapa and te reo maori

Registered to a Te reo Māori quiz night

This wiki we got so into practising our reo! We put up a word of the day, visited the speeches at Parliament and today we went to the Kapa haka performance at the Opera House in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. WOW! It was phenomenal. My partner is Chilean and we talked about the meaning of "Ko wai koe" and he learnt Ā Haka Ma.

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This week we shared a kupu each day and at our dance class on Thursday we used as many te reo Māori words as possible and even learnt the word for helicopter (Waka topa topa)! The students had an amazing time and so did we.

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We celebrated Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori at my job which I work at Kmart. As you see in the video I made on TikTok. .

Tēnā koutou. Our whānau has been lucky enough to be in Fiji this week. Together, we taught Te Reo Māori everyday kupu to the local workers at our resort, who also taught us some Fijian. Very lucky to share cultures with each other and inform our Fijian whānau of the significance of this week in Aotearoa and how the language keeps building and building in the motu. He kaupapa hirahira tēnei ki a mātou! Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou kātoa.

Kia ora

I made fry bread to go with Hangi for our Kai

Kia Ora Ko Stacey Leaning ahau. This week I supported a wāhine with her business by wearing her tihate normalising seeing, reading, hearing te reo. At work tamariki sings waiata and I read pukapuka about maori legends to them.

I went for the Nga Tamatoa panel discussion- coming from a former British colony Malaysia( now Kiwi citizen) I cannot fathom why Te Reo Maori is not taught in school as a mandatory subject- I believe that is the only way to normalise it - I speak 4 different languages and English is taught as a language in Malaysia whereas all other subjects are in its National language. I do hope for the longevity of Te Reo Maori in the next 20 years to be implemented as a mandatory language subject in all kuras across the motu.

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I wanted to work more on te wiki o te reo maori , but do more maori stuffs and keep speaking more te reo I hope all the maori kuras in around otautahi,

I am teaching my children there whakapapa so as it is not to be lost as we grow, as I grow in my knowledge so is my tamariki.

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Wainuiomata Library learning te reo through Waiata with our Kaumatua and tamariki.

Winner of our internal Quiz about Te Reo Māori, me te hitori o te Petihana rima tekau.

My nephew and I did some colouring and talked about different kupu we knew.

For my tutorials this week I was writing all my Canvas announcements in Te Reo.

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Sent daily email's to the team in Ōtepoti introducing them to whakataukī, some basic korero Māori and interesting kete about TeAo Māori.

Our daughters kindy held a whanau night and all the kids and some siblings performed kapa haka for all the parents & grandparents

Kei te pehea koe

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A little contribution for Te Wiki Te Reo Māori 🌀 This video is not perfect 😅, there's some mistakes and some written aids, but learning is a process and the important part is taking steps towards learning more and more. I believe it is so important to keep Te Reo Māori alive: not only it is a beautiful language connected to a beautiful culture and land, but the act of keeping it alive is also a way and a symbol of acknowledgement and understanding of the past, together with a step towards unity for the present and future of this country. I have filmed the video with the traditional structure for Māori meetings and gatherings: a simple Karakia to open the space, acknowledgements of anyone who might see or join in the video, a pepeha of my origins (my places are from overseas as I was born and grew up in Italy and Scotland), a waiata, closing karakia and some wishes for everyone I know. Not perfect, but I'm getting there 😄

My best friend of 20 years is Maori and I have been learning pronouncing Maori words correctly. Have also signed up to Duolingo and am learning a lot of Maori words to use in everyday situations.

I nanahi rā (17/09/22), i tū mārō Te Wharekura o Te Whānau Tahi, mō ngā whakataetae kapahaka ā-motu, i Ō-tautahi nei. Inā te rere o te arero tūpuna i aku tamāhine (e whakaahuatia nei) otirā i ngā kura katoa i tū, me taku whakaaro ake ki te whawhai nui i whawhatia e ō tātau taringa hurihuru, kia pūmau ai te reo ki ngā ngākau o te āpōpō. E whakapono nui ana ahau kua ea tērā wawata, i a tātau tamariki, mātua rā, i te tokorua e iri mai nei. Anei te tauā reo Māori o te ānamata!

Kia ora koutou, I have been watching the whakaata Maori tv channel this week. It has been good to whakarongo to the kōrero and it has refreshed my understanding of the sentence structures and I have learnt some new kupu. For the Mahuru Maori moment I had a video call with my tama who I studied Te reo with last year. We had a kōrero and I sang a waiata to him. I have also been sharing Instagram posts from Te Herenga Waka o Ōrewa marae. They have been sharing kiwaha which I then shared in my Facebook and Instagram stories. I am looking forward to getting Hemi Kelly’s pukapuka A māori word a day which a friend is very kindly giving to me. My Reo journey began in 2012 and I have passed level 3 & 4 through Te Awanuiarangi and will be graduating soon. I am committed to keep learning Te Reo for the rest of my life as I don’t find it easy but I will keep going slowly but surely. Ngā mihi and Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori! 😊🙌💕👍🙏

I've been building a purakau module for Dungeons & Dragons, so that whanau are able to learn about and play alongside characters such as Maui and even some of their own tupuna.

Anei nga mema o te paremata te awhi nga kaupapa "Tau ke tonu


such a blessing 2 awhi nga kaupapa Officially opening of Auckland city mission home ground on 15/09/22 with members of Parliament n organisations around nz

I took my baby to parliament to celebrate Te 50 tau o te Petihana o Te reo Māori. This was important to us because I have been travelling with her to Ōtaki each day this year for immersion Te reo Māori class. After the events at parliament, I took baby to kohanga reo for a transition visit - I will be working there too. So Te petihana has had a significant impact on our lives & celebrating at parliament followed by our kohanga visit felt reall poignant.

Our whanau mahi celebrated and embraced te wiki o te reo maori by hosting a big maori kai feast. Our colleagues who are non maori shared their learning journey about how they've tried to use maori concepts in their daily work. We challenged all our staff to use te resources maori and challenge themselves on how many new words or phases they could learn and use. Our surround sound music was strictly te red maori music/musicians so the wider staff were able to learn from that too. It was a very enjoyable week especially for our non maori whanau.

I am learning and practising karakia to open and close family meetings at work in my role as doctor.

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A short pepeha in celebration of my fave week of the year :)

Ka kite ahau Muru i te whare pikitia. Everyone should go see it, especially pākehā. Last year I started taking Te Reo classes, and I will continue to take them. I want to be fluent.

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Our tamariki and as I’m a kaiako at her school too alongside them we were all challenged with challenges by our ataahua kaiako Whaea Raiha and Whaea Wiki daily at our kura. One was to introduce ourselves in a different way.

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I did a Te wiki o te reo Māori quiz on my Instagram. I also did one for work on Thursday night and held a waiata session on Wednesday during lunchtime.

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Monrad te kura waenga o Tirohanga. This is Pukeamohau tamariki (rumaki class) teaching Karanga (auraki) some Maori kemu to celebrate te wiki o te Reo Maori. He wairua Tino pai❤️

Hapaitia te ara tika pūmau ait e rangatiratanga mō ngā uri whakatupu. Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth for future generations. We weave reo in our daily interactions, our waiatas, throughout the day, in our daily diaries (written) but this is an image of our family message board, setting the scene and educating our community as to why reo is so important ❤️

At Eversley Care Centre we did lots of activities for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. We held a reminisce group with the residents to share memories about the history of the Te Reo in homes and schools. We watched kapa haka and sang waiata. We coloured art work of the Maori vowel sounds with pencils that were stamped with the Te Reo colour names so we could learn as we coloured!

We had a team meeting and we usually start with an opening round so I w corporates my colleagues to say what the most beautiful Māori word they know and what it means to them

Me and our whanau have been blessed to have had our pāpā back in aotearoa. Spent many years in Australia but unfortunately got sick and is unwell. He just made it to Aotearoa 🙏 Me and my tamariki and siblings have spent the majority of the time caring for there Koro and there nanny who is my pāpās full time care. And making the most of whanau time. Reminiscing when our pāpā would teach us te reo and maori kaupapa growing up and also the activities we did as kids for Marariki. Te Wiki o te reo maori not nonly represents our language. But also our culture, history and coming together as one "WHANAU". Weather it Be through Kai or korero. Mauri Ora.

I’ve been sharing the little te reo that I do know around home with my family. We’re not Māori, but I have learnt through doing my Bachelor of Education.