Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022 | Māori Language Week 2022

He tau whakahirahira te tau 2022. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition, an event that led to many of the kaupapa we have today, including Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

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Mākoura College performing the school haka and Ko Wairarapa before coming together for kai.

I am lucky enough to be in Wellington today and the with national commemorative event Te Petihana so will attend in person.

I am attending the event for Te Wiki o te Reo at Parliament

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Some of our kaimahi recorded a waiata video for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

I am so glad to have Maori language week! It's a great way to express the Maori culture, and really shows us how important this culture is.

My team and I practising Te Taukaea Aroha, a waiata that celebrates the importance of connections and kinship.

Te Arawa te Waka Ngongotaha te Maunga Rotoruanuiakahumatamoemoe te Roto Waiteti te awa Ngati Whakaue te Hapu Te Arawa te Iwi Ngararanui te Wharenui Te Urutakiao te Whatekai Ko Consuelo Tirakahurangi Khan tenei

Please help miss hall win a hoodie for te wiki o te Māori. She is a well intelligent teacher who tries her best to speak Māori and teach it to her classes everyday. She is well deserved of this position.

Please help miss hall win a hoodie for te wiki o te Māori. She is a well intelligent teacher who tries her best to speak Māori and teach it to her classes everyday. She is well deserved of this position.

I am practicing using the language

The growing use of te Reo Maori throughout Aotearoa is so, so welcome. Hard fought for. Nearly lost, but now becoming embedded again in daily life. I have huge respect for our kuia and kaumātua who never gave up and who have brought us to this place. https://www. rnz. co. nz/news/te-manu-korihi/474655/remembering-the-maori-language-petition-and-the-revival-of-te-reo-maori

Kei te hanga maramataka ahau ki te reo Māori me ōku hoa. :)

I am practicing bigger numbers in Māori to expand my knowledge.

I took a class on basic Māori phrases that I could use while talking with my family during dinner and lunch.

We will hold a hybrid in-person / online event for Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori, starting at 11. 45, listening to Waiata Anthems until noon when we do karakia, and then sing three waiata of our own.

Learning Te Reo in various ways

Just had few Māori dinners like boil up an hangis with whanau to help broaden the whanaus mind for Māori wisdom an culture

As Convener of a Book Group I will greet the members in Maori at the commencement of our meeting today.

I celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori by being open to new learning. By being a voice against 'FB post comment' casual and overt racism. By using Reo as a daily habit with my children. By telling everyone that every week is Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. By seeing a future where there isn't such resistance from the dinosaurs to Te Reo being a seamless part of our shared national culture.

Use te reo greetings as much as possible.

Learn our culture the reo Maori Know the the love of our ansesters

I am trying to learn higher numbers in Māori with the support of a kaiako.

I am trying to learn higher numbers in Māori with the support of a kaiako.

Kia kaha to reo Maori!

I am trying to learn higher numbers in Māori with the support of a kaiako.

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This is an audio recording of Maia Martin Elwell (aged 9) and myself Sarah Hoskyns (music therapist and VUW lecturer) singing and playing Tai Aroha. I have been learning and sharing waiata with Maia when I baby sit over the years and we sing them when she is in the bath. We practised it and recorded it last night as Maia is a school today. I challenged my Master of Music therapy teaching group at Victoria University to learn and share a new waiata this week, and I thought I had better do so too. Maia is a lovely tuakana! Thank you! This is such great mahi.

I am learning more Māori numbers to use in every day life.

My 3 daughters and I have decided to venture into a journey of joining up with a beginner te reo class and all learn Te reo Maori together

Share publicly how proud I am of te Reo Māori and my journey to learn the beautiful language

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We raised the He Whakaputanga flag. The flag that and allowed us to trade overseas.

50+ Newbie. Looking forward to my journey ahead.

Listening to Māori language on the news and TV. Trying to translate for my family. Using education perfect to better my Reo Māori

Learning my family history and whakapapa

Kia Kaha people of Aotearoa.

I am learning as much of the language as possible and trying to speak it in conversations with my friends and family.

Taking part in a Māori quiz

Learning the language on Education perfect and doing a Māori quiz

I am going to be involved in a 'pub style quiz' as well as do Kapa Haka

E haere ana mātou ki te whakanuii te50 Petihana Reo Maori ki Pōneke

I have been on my hikoi learning te reo for rua weeks. Enjoyed it all the way

I am embracing a new culture and trying to incorporate it in my daily life (I am originally from Australia).

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This is Christina . She has downsyndrome but it has not stopped her from learning Te Reo Maori . Here she is blessing our kai at Kainga Ora.

I used kupu Maori at mahi in communications sent out to the team

learning Maori words with my friends

Learn about ancient history

speaking Maori in class

Wanna speak maori

Taking part in a reo Māori pub style quiz

I am trying to be more fluent in my speaking and do it in public speaking situations.

I am using education perfect lots to learn more Reo Māori

Taniwha. Please tell me if it's offensive. I wouldn't know even though I am Maori because my great grandmother was but was disgraced so my family never learnt. Sorry if it is offensive.

I am practicing my Māori langauge in class. I am using education perfect.

This week my 3 children and I say how we are feeling in te reo Māori as they go to school and once they are home, soon it will become the norm☺️

I am remixing a Māori track for George FM.

I am speaking Reo Māori as much as possible.

Encouraging the use of te reo in our household ❤️

Kia ora, kei te pehea koe?

I will write a waiata.

I will write a waiata

I will say my mihi and a Karakia.

I will read a Māori book :) I will sing a waiata :)

“Kua tawhiti kē to haerenga mai, kia kore e haere tonu. He nui rawa o mahi, kia kore e mahi tonu. " "You have come too far not to go further, you have done too much not to do more" – Ta Himi Henare ( Sir James Henare ) Ngati Hine elder and leader

Im going to do a karakia and sing a waiata with my class

I would sing waiatas and a karakia.

Kia Kaha! Kei te pai!

Greetings in train journey Kia Ora Morena Ka te pehea koe?

I will login for the moment at midday. I have had an exchange with a friend in te reo on twitter this morning. Ka pai

Ia rā, ia rā, kua tuhia e au te kupu o te rā ki roto i tāku pukapuka. Every day I write the word of the day in this book. (and apologies for any errors! )

Our whanau of 4 are learning a new kupu (word) each day of Te wiki o te Reo Māori. We are keen to continue this going forward as a regular tikanga. Te Reo Māori and te ao Māori is a blessing and I’m honoured to be part of this revitalisation. Kia Ora.

I researched my family tree and confirmed I have maori ancestry. I want to find out more.

Kia Ora e te Iwi👋 Ko Ness ahau. Ka mahi au i tēnei wiki ō te Reo Māori. Ka whāngia ngā kawhe i a rā. Kia Kaha ki te kōrero te Reo Māori i ngā wā katoa👌❤️

kia ora koutou katoa, aroha ana ahau ki to tatou reo, kia pai te ra katoa

Our students and staff today are saying “Te kāhui ako o Pukewīwī, ko te kaupapa hei mahi tahi” (The Lynfield Community of Learning, Our motto is we work as one) at midday on Wednesday 12th September to show solidarity for the use of te reo Māori. Ngā mihi.

Kia Kaha e te whanau whanui. Whakanui te reo I ngā wahi me ngā wā katoa.

Kia ora Tēnā koutou katoa, Arohatia te reo Māori. I love your Indigenous language. Being an Indigenous person, I fully support and continues to teach students the importance of the use of te reo Māori. Where in the world can you find te reo Māori? New Zealand and therefore, it is indeed a precious gift. Noho ora mai i te reo rangatira. Rosemilly

I will continue to learn everyday conversation and practise with others. Also I will remind flax weavers that I have instructions in te reo Māori for some flax weaving projects on my website www. alibrown. nz

I will use a different Māori word daily for a week

New Zealand had a bilingual Te riti o Waitangi-Treaty of Waitangi. Let's make it the same with Te Ara reo Māori. Kia KAHA!

We are taking part in a rōpu daily challenge, this wero supports us to learn new kupu and use tikanga in our daily mahi. Such a supportive way to teach and learn with others

I have just completed Toro Mai, a course in te reo Maori and tikanga Maori by Scotty and Stacey Morrison through Massey University

I am spending time reflecting on my whakapapa and refreshing on my Maori language skills

Beginning to encorporate Te Ao Maori into every day life has been a big change for me this year

Clothing from @Whenua. She absolutely loves it & it’s a type of way she shares her encouragement for te wiki o te Reo Māori! I’m just starting my Reo journey & im Doing it for my daughter so that she may have the chance to be raised in te ao Māori! Kia kaha te Reo Māori! Kia pai tō rā ki a koutou!

Kia Ora koutou. I am going to Te Reo classes and my moko came with me last night. She and I will be practicing together everyday. Ka rawe. Kia kaha Te Reo Maori!

Ka tukuna mā te tuhituhi. Kia kaha tātou ki te kōrero Māori ia rā

Attend class Te Wananga o Aotearoa

Each day in my whare and at mahi I will use a different māori kupu. Not just for the week but for month. This will also help myself to learn and speak the reo more.

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Taiopenga 2022 o Tūwharetoa Ko tēnei taku iramutu me tona māma me tona tuakana e whakangahau ana

Celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022! !

I am challenging myself to learn something new about Maori language and culture everyday. So far I’ve learnt a new Waiata (Monday) Hinewehi Mohi’s story re: singing the national anthem in te reo (Tuesday). Excited for the rest of the week! I have encouraged the leaders within my organisation to reo maori as often as possible this week and provided tools and resources to help support them through the week.

We put down a huge hangi for our kura putea.

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I'm so glad to found my voice and do amazing connections with this way to do my pepeha, as long as I'm Brazilian. And I'm happy to share with my friends this taonga. 2022 it is my fourth time celebrating Reo Māori and I feel more confident to write, speak and translate something about mātauranga to Brazilian Portuguese. Kia kaha Te Reo Māori!

I am committed to using kupu everyday with my tamariki, starting our day off with karakia timatanga and ending our day with karakia whakamutunga