Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022 | Māori Language Week 2022

He tau whakahirahira te tau 2022. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition, an event that led to many of the kaupapa we have today, including Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

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I have been learning about pūrakau Māori and teaching them to my whanau

I have been watching Māori tv and listening to Māori radio all week

Kua whakaakona etahi kiwaha ki aku tamariki i tenei wiki

I have taught waiata Māori to my colleagues

Kei te kōrero Māori anake au ki aku hoa kōrero Māori i tēnei wiki, i tēnei marama me kī

I have signed up to reo classes for next year

I will volunteer to do the karakia at work.

Encourage the people around me to support te wiki.

Joined meeting at workplace

Wore my Kia Kaha gear to support te wiki!

I haere mātou ki Paremata ki te whakanui i te Petihana Reo Māori 50 tau

I was able to attend the commemorative event at parliament today!

Today I participated in Te Reo Maori quiz


Learning a waiata and new maori kupu whilst watching tv

I am learning better Te Reo pronunciation and writing my Pepeha

I made an effort to korero with colleagues and students in Te Reo during the week.

Usually I sing Samoan or English nursery rhymes to my 8 month old daughter, but this week I’ve been singing some Maori waiata’s I’ve learnt growing up, and describing her body parts in Maori.

I prepared and ran a quiz at school for all students in Years 5-8.

Me and my siblings sung waiata to our nanny and had a nice dinner including all our favourite maori kai.

Kia ora e te iwi, Ko te kaupapa o Mahuru Maori i tenei ahiahi. Kei te mahi kemu o Kahoot, he miniti haumumutanga ki te tupuna me Te Reo Maori, he Waiata o He Honere. Whakamutunga o te karakia 😍😍☺️. .

Kia kaha te reo maori

Tena Koe, for Te wiki o te reo Māori my son and I have religiously been playing Māori Waiata throughout our days to up lift us and also teaching my son new Kupu. We’ve been using more reo than usual in our house hold and we do not plan to stop after this week.

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Te Rōpū Manaaki taking part in the National waiata, Ngā iwi e, to celebrate Te wiki o te reo Māori Mīharo!

our class has added words to the board for us to use as much as possible for not only this week but just in life

I haere ahau mo te hikoi roa ki te mall eastgate, I roto I taku remu pango roa ko te whakanui noa I te wiki o te reo maori me taku hiahia kua hoki ano ahau ki te kura tuarua mo nga kotiro o otautahi

binged watched my favourite kapahaka roopu all week and will do it forever and ever amine! ! !

I have created this display with information about te wiki o te reo, events, plus a number of kupu related to health and wellbeing for the children's outpatients department

I have made this interactive whiteboard display for the tamariki at the children's outpatients clinic to learn some te reo words for feelings and parts of the tinana

our class has started every session off with a karakia to start and finish

incorporated teena koe/korua/koutou and ngaa mihi into my imera

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The Terrace school junior kapahaka

ive learnt a few whakatauki each day and intend to pass them on to friends an whaanau

every class session i am getting my students to write a word on the board for them learn and want to add to their everyday vocab

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Here at the middle years department of Elim Christian College, we collated some evidence of how we engage in Te Aō Māori: - Y7-10 Kapa Haka - Y7 Tikanga and whakatauki student presentations - Y8 takaro and te wā video - Y9 Ki O Rahi and Tapuae. The video was put together by a Y10 student (video) and a Y8 student (editor).

I love to use Te Reo greetings to my friends and whānua

Ko Elizabeth Taku igoa Ko whanganui A Tara a hou Ko rua tamariki, te kau ma rima me te te kou ma wha Tena koutou tena koutou katoa

I had the pleasue of speaking at a school assembly about my whakapapa because I was kindly asked to by my son hahah

I say ka pai to my friends when they do something great! I am trying to normalise Te Reo.

I always learn Maori language in my spare time and I like to learn more about Maori language

I always start by trying to write the date in my book in Maori at the start of eat lesson.

Kia pai tō wiki e te iwi! ! !

I shared rauemi Māori with my haumī mahi

my little brothers kura had a haakari and I was happy to wake up this morning and help out

I have used Te Reo in my morning greetings.

I learnt my pepeha

We sand waiata in the office all week

Ka haere māua ki te Paremata ki te whakanui te Petihana o Te Reo i te taha o ngā hau e whā, ngā Uri whakatipu, miharo ana te kōrero i a Hana, he pātai ki a tātou, tū ake, kia rite! MC Moana - ākona te reo. E rau rangatira ma a Koro Tom mā I whakatō ngā hua, ngā rau matatau ana. Ka nui te mihi Te Taurawhiri I Te Reo❤️ A muri Kai, I kabi kani ana mātou ki te tuakana Rob!

Kia ora, I will greet others in te reo maori and use common sayings such as nga mihi in everyday language.

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NZMA Trades Students and staff say KIA ORA to celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022! This word seems to cast a spell for happiness here, where students from various backgrounds study together.

Kia ora koutou

I went for an longer walk to the supermarket, to see if there was anymore of the maori chocolate bar MIRAKA KIRIMI There was none at all I hopeful that I can find some of them somewhere

Today I have volunteered to do 2 new karakia at work meetings and given out stickers from Mental health foundation that are in Te Reo I have also listened to Radio NZ national programme interview with Hana Te Hemara great neice Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke around the commemorative event and anniversary 50 years ago of the Māori language petition

I love learning new words and phrases

Learning new kupu along the way. Also greeting everyone in te reo Maori. Integrating the reo into everyday conversations/discussions.

At mahi today we played games in te reo, we also have tickets to Te Huinga Whetū 2022 to watch the kapa haka performances.

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Everyday, not just Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, I use Māori kupu in all my korero.

I am using Reo Māori with ākonga in the kura I am currently on placement with.

I took a moment today to watch Mike McRoberts documentary on his journey to reclaim his reo and it was beautiful and inspiring!

My son school epuni they have been teaching all the tamariki to pronounce all moari sayings like colours in moari also words like kia ora or haere rai

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Craighead Diocesan School in Timaru came together to acknowledge and celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori. The whole school led by the Kapa Haka students sang the waiata Te Taukaea o Te Aroha.

I will write about te reo everyday either in English or te reo maori I been for hikoi walk to the supermarket and listening to te reo maori music , on Spotify I also love to do the karanga and hopefully, I would actually get an moko kauae , I also want to do an te reo maori course aswell, to learn heaps

Kei te āwhina au tōku tūngāne ki te whakatika tōna whakahua mō tōna whaikōrero tuatahi.

We have been using and learning new Māori in class. I have been listening to the radio and telling my mum the translations.

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Nga Atua, This waiata recognizes māori Atua, Ranginui, Tangaroa, Tāne Mahuta, Tāwhirimatea, Tū matauenga, Haumeatikitiki, Rōngo ma tāne, Papatūanuku. one of many waiata we sing every morena when we open our day after our kārakia at our center here at Bream bay Educare Nga mihi

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I have a student teacher on control today so we organized the akonga to sing a waiata today and perform it to share with you. The children are so proud of their mahi! We are a Year 3/4 class from North East Valley Normal School, Dunedin

Tried to incorporate Te Reo greeting and farewells in everyday conversations

Te kura tuatahi o Sunnynook gathered together to sing our favourite waiata. With adults and tamariki we had about 500 people!

I make plans to reclaim my reo Māori! I further my journey by diving into my whakapapa, finding study options, learning more waiata.

I am using Education Perfect and I have learnt some new colours and numbers

Bucklands Beach Primary School (Tāmaki Makaurau) Year 6 ākonga in Room 19 participated by attending (live online) te Petihana Reo Māori 50th Anniversary.

Ferndale Kindergarten celebrated with waiata and kanikani on our whāriki time today. Ka pai tamariki mā.

I am saying kia ora whānau. I am saying karakia in the morning. I am competing against my friends in Education Perfect. I am coming second in the class! !

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Our tamariki and kaiako at Our Family Early Learning performed the waiata "Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha" to commemorate 50 years since the Te Reo Language petition was signed.

I am saying kia ora bro to my friends every day.

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We gathered as a school and sung our school song and Pepeha : )

We claimed our mahi's rūma hui with the biggest screen to stream te petihana reo māori 50 years!

Kia kaha tō Reo Māori! Akonga ki a Occhiali me te “Kupu o Te Rā” 🤓🥸😎🤩😜

Kia kaha koutou mō te wiki o te reo Māori

Learning Māori kupu for huawhenua for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022!

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Grace has learned her mihi and karakia.

My partner has been trying to use Māori which encourages me to. We listen to it on the TV and pick up on what we can. My partner helps me with my pronounciation.

I have used Education perfect with my friends and challenged them. Our teacher signed us up for the competition.

I have been using Education Perfect to learn new Kupu

I am the manager of the hospice shop in Tākaka- I am also learning te reo. I wanted to use our shop as a vessel for exposure to curious people of all ages. So we have a special te wiki o te reo Māori display, signs in te reo welcoming customers, helping them use some simple reo greetings and also getting to see reo side by side with English on signage throughout the shop!

We are participating in a fun Māori quiz and I am speaking Māori to my friends and encouraging them to say it back

We enjoy te reo daily in class. we are having a quiz today.

I have enjoyed doing competition on Education Perfect and learning more vocab

Kaimahi o Taikura Trust, Tāmaki Makaurau

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Photo - National Support Office watching the live stream from Parliament grounds to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the presentation of the Māori Language Petition in 1972. Video - National Office National Support Office watching the live stream from Parliament grounds to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the presentation of the Māori Language Petition in 1972.

I will celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Maori by learning and speaking the language as much as I can, and may look into joining a class

I will say my mihi and karakia

Ia wiki, ia wiki me tuku te reo māori i roto i te kainga me ngā wāhi katoa. Ahakoa he iti he pounamu. Paia !

we will sing a waiata

we will do a class Maori waitia

We'll sing a waiata

I will sing a waiata with my class

sing a waiata with my class, we don't have anything to share a video.

i will sing a waiata

I will sing a waiata with my whanau. Ka rawe! ! !