Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022 | Māori Language Week 2022

He tau whakahirahira te tau 2022. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition, an event that led to many of the kaupapa we have today, including Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

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This is a protest piece dedicated to nga tamatoa

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Introducing ourselves with our pepeha.

Tēnā koutou e hoa mai! Ia rā ka kōrero iti ai au i te reo Māori. Mā te takitaki ka maumahara ahau i ngā kupu. Mā te mahi ka whakapai ake ahau. He taonga te reo Māori!

We will make a Centre wide contribution to the Maori Moment by having all classes sing a waiata together on the specified time.

He kaitakaro au o te kemu ko geocaching. No reira i te wa o te wiki o Te Reo Māori, ka tuhituhingia ngā mauhanga e au i roto i te reo. I do geocaching. So in the week of Māori Language I will write all my logs in Te Reo.

Te Akauroa Jacob Toa Whakaihuwaka ki te wāhanga Pei Te Hurinui ki Ngā Whakataetae Manu Kōrero o te Motu

I'm going to improve my competency at speaking Karakia and my pepeha. I'm going to learn some new reo to use. I'll use our new app Te Kākano to practice.

Personally, I will speak te reo Māori first with everyone every time. I will also record all kupu hou in a flipbook and learn them. At work I will encourage everyone to Join Mahuru Māori and the Māori Language Moment. I will make attractive displays for our customers and provide resources to support them all in their reo Journeys.

Sharing Whakatauki, Kiwaha, Kōrero with kaimahi

My journey of fatherhood began in Aotearoa, and I believe that we must honor the sacred ancient wisdom of the Maori people and the language of the Spirits who guided them across the seas. In speaking the language of the ancients, we honor and we heal, and we grow together in unity.

Kai Ora, Our team takes pride in incorporating te reo Māori in as much of our daily life as possible. Maori language week gave us the opportunity to do more, with a different theme each day, eg learning the days of the week, and using more greetings etc. Some of us learned and shared our mihi, and one lucky recipient enjoyed the team singing hari huritau.

I want to reclaim my mother tongue and never speak English ever again

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Ko Bailey Day tenei ! My name is Bailey Day and I am the captain of the Aotearoa Junior Darts team.

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Our Tauira are getting better at saying karakia before our class starts. They will one day be able to say karakia without being lead. The greatest thing is they give it a go !

Kia kaha ! !

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Our Learners just finished putting together the kupu we gave them to create this rerenga korero ! Kia kaha ki te reo Māori !

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Waka Kotahi staff their Te Reo Māori moments during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2022

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As Te Wiki o Te Reo 2002 wraps up, we’re proud to share with you a few useful words and phrases that our whānau mahi has learnt over the week. It has been wonderful to see and hear Te Reo around Tōtara Hospice this week, and we are excited to see how much more we learn between now and Te Wiki o Te Reo 2023. Kia kaha Te Reo Māori ❤

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He Toa Reo Māori, 50 years on. A wonderful experience for our small rōpū of tamariki.

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He Toa Reo Māori, 50 years on. A wonderful experience for our small rōpū of tamariki. They listened to Moana Maniapoto speak of the roles of Ngā Tamatoa and Te Rōpū Reo Māori and how they fought for the revitalisation of te reo Māori. They also had the opportunity to kanikani in front of Rob Ruha and received a special shout out. Whakarongo ki te reo māori e karanga nei. Whakarongo ki nga akoranga rangatira. Listen, the language is calling you. Listen, and learn the language of the chiefs.

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Pronounciation of Mateponapona Aotearoa, Arthritis New Zealand's new name.

Today we established our very own Youth Council and announced our Māori representative Aaliyah. To show our support we performed for the first time a haka to Aaliyah and celebrated her with a beautiful korowai made from one of our local Taranaki whānau. It was exciting to be able to do the haka that we have been practising this term in an authentic experience and to do this for one of our learners was ka rawe!

I haere mātou, Te Puāwaitanga o Te Kākano ki Te Papa ki te whakarongo ki ngā pūrakau me te New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. He tino mīharo ērā pūrākau me te rāngai puoro.

I tēnei wiki, our kura has been buzzing with all the Te Reo Māori we have been hearing in the playground. We issued a wero to our tamariki with the incentive that every time they were heard speaking Māori at kura, they would get a ticket to enter the kaha ki te reo prize draw. Whakaahua: ētahi o ngā toa mo te kaha ki te korero draw.

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Whakaata: One of our daily wero winners. Kaupapa was pāngarau- ngā ahuatanga Whakaahua: Ngā toa mō te whakataetae mahi toi mō ngā tuakana. Kaupapa: Poipoia te kākano kia puawai and how it relates to their learning journey at kura.

Year 11 French students played a Quizlet Live game with vocabulary in te reo Māori and te reo Wiwi. Then they read about Maui the creation of Aotearoa.

The boys had fun trying to trap the opposition.

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Ngā pepeha o ngā kaimahi o te Waka Kotahi. This is a selection of brief introductions and Reo Māori moments from Waka Kotahi staff during Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2022.

My Pepeha

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On the 50th anniversary of the Māori Language Petition, a collective rōpū of the Regional Tourism Organisations of Aotearoa did a waiata together in Murihiku as part of the Te Mai Ūnga Destination Management wānanga and celebrations. Kia kaha te reo Māori!

This tells me about myself and where my family comes from.

I parakatihi mātou ngā waiata Māori, me, I kai mātou wetahi o ngā paraoa parai!

I wanted to make something to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth. Vanessa Van Hoof helped translate the English to Te Reo so the display could be bi-lingual.

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We had training at the yard for some of our staff and used it as a perfect opportunity to lift their MANA with a PUKANA! ! !

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I haere mātou ki Te Papa ki te whakarongo ki ngā pūrakau me te NZSO, tino rawe to konohete. We took our whole syndicate, years 4-6, to Te Papa to listen to the stories being read in te reo Māori. It was an awesome experience for our tamariki who are in auraki. Tenei te mihi ki Te Papa for te free experience for our tamariki, wonderful way to whakanuia te wiki o te reo Māori.

Kia ora e te whānau o Whāraurau! :D

Kahoot quiz for Māori words

Creating weather booklets in te reo and learning about myths/legends and symbols then creating art work!

I had to do some searching for rorohiko. I found out that roro means brain, and hiko means electricity so computer is like an electric brain :) I really liked how this is described in the language.

I planted a ti tree for the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Petition to bring Te Reo Maori back into the schools in Aotearoa. Today 14th September 2022. Te wiki o te Reo Maori.

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The Tui Tamariki and Kaiako singing the Kina kina waiata

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Kia ora - a wee spot of Harekeke weaving for the UC International Relationships Office (+ learning about the tikanga of harvesting & weaving). Then kai & kōrero to wrap up (and bring us back to Noa), of course!

I have written of my Māori Language Experiences.

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We started off our Te wiki o Te Reo Māori celebrations with 'Ko wai e pānui ana?" where teachers visited different classes to read a māori purakau to the tamariki.

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We are very proud to celebrate and be part of the 50 years of Te Reo in New Zealand.

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We have been learning this waiata as we have new students at the centre.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of te Petihana Reo Māori; SAP are on a path to incorporate Māori knowledge and language not only this week, but into the organisation going forward. I am a proud Tuhoe woman passing on what Māori means to me. Ko Panikere te maunga Ko Waikaretaheke te awa Ko Matatua te waka Ko Tahoe te iwi Ko Te whanau pani te hapu Ko Waimako te marae Ko Matāmua toku whanau Ko Ana Baxter toku ingoa

I have learned my pepeha and I can kinda memorize it now I have to learn my school pepeha and learn how to memorize it so when someone comes and tells me what my pepeha is I can tell them.

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I will write about what I have done to celebrate Te Reo Maori. I might even record what I have done. E. G my pepeha or my Learning Te Reo Maori video. I have learnt how to say the days of the weeks in Maori and I have learnt my Pepeha.

I learnt/ how to pronounce my personal Pepeha and I also know the days of the week in maori and my class and I have been saying our daily maori lords prayer in the mornings.

I have been learning how to write, learn, and say my own pepeha

I learnt the lord's prayer in Maori, I wrote and am learning my pepeha, and everyday at school we write the date in Maori for example: Raapa 14 Mahuru 2022.

I learned how to say my pepeha, know the Maori lords prayer, months in Maori, days in Maori, researched about Waitangi day,

I will keep on saying the lords prayer in Maori and to help work on the Maori language.

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I share my name and origins as part of Aotearoantanga

I want to participate in Māori language week to deepen and strengthen my relationship with the heritage and culture of New Zealand

I am looking forward to learning new kupu hou and sharing with workmates.

Tēnā koutou. The countdown is on! Looking forward to next week and connecting with all the reo initiatives going on. Especially in regard to acknowledging the mahi of our Tipuna who, without their foresight, knowledge and commitment, we wouldn't have it protected and cherished as the taonga it is today. Many of these Rangatira have passed and it is sad when we reflect on the fact that they are not here to witness the product of their Mahi. I like to think they would be proud. 'Tama tū, Tama ora. Tama noho, Tama mate. ' Nga mihi nunui ki a koutou.

Over a 5 week period we are opening a wahi to korero māori, play kemu, sing Waiata, whakawhanaungatanga, rangahau

i learned how to make my pepeha

We write the date in Maori and we say the Maori date everyday.

Ive learnt how to say the lord's prayer in maori from monday to friday every week and I've also learn how to say my pepeha. I ve also like the country that i am in because im in a country where the New zealand was name after maori.

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We are proud to kōrero in te reo Māori.

For Maori Language week My class and I have been reading the Lord's prayer in Maori each and everyday , we write the date in Maori and try and learn new Maori words .

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KUPU app. Where you take a photo of an object and the app will translate that object into maori. You can also create a story using this app. The challenge to work colleagues was to create a story! ! !

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We celebrated today with a Midday Māori Moment singing Te iwi E

Everyone that mentions our rōpū will go into the draw to win this kēmu 😍 Pāia! !

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Our workplace acknowledging the 50 Years Celebrations of our Reo.

Whakanuia Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori! Ko te reo kia rere ki ngā tauira, kaimahi o te Whare Wānanga o Waikato!

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We kicked off Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori with Tu Mai, e Te iwi E

Kia kaha ai te reo Māori i ngā wā katoa, i ngā wāhi katoa! Karawhiua! ! !

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Members of Auckland Live, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited came together to should "Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori" on the stairs of the Aotea Centre to kick start Te Wiki!

I tō mātou kura, te mahi o te mihimihi o te ata, ngā pepeha o ia tamaiti, ngā tikanga Māori, ngā uara hoki, he mea māori mō mātou, nā reira, ka rapu tonu mātou ki ētahi atu mea ki te whakanuia, ki te whakahonore i te Reo Māori, i te Ao Māori. Otira, ka mahia ngā kemu Māori me ētahi waiata e o mātou akonga tuakana. Kā rangahau hoki i ngā ahua o ngā atua Māori.

Our office group have a challenge set out for the week to: - include a TE REO greeting and sign off in all email communications. - We printed of the Post Cards, laminated to the Size of playing cards and made a "KUPU MĀORI KEYRINGS" for all to hang on their screen. . . - Each day they must use one of those words in a full TE REO sentence. - All that participate will receive a Whittakers TE REO Chocolate Bar as a token to thank them for embracing the kaupapa. Our bigger challenge is a TE AO MAORI TIKTOK, this is for each department to group together and battle out for the major prize.

this is really totally interesting cause alol of people has been complaining about this chocolate bar and the way, that is all in te reo maori , .

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As the rain poured down during our Friday night jam we recorded this waiata to whakanui i te wiki o te reo Māori

Along with a few colleagues , we joined others from organisations in our community, coming together in central office space to sing waiata.

Had a great time, aye. Bloody good time with my dad.

Along with a few colleagues , we joined others from organisations in our community, coming together in central office space to sing waiata.

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Our Tiny Nation whānau came together from across the regions, to introduce ourselves and where in Aotearoa we live. We also encouraged our home-based educators to share their pepeha. Tiny Nation is home-based care and education with a difference, our vision is to empower children to reach their full potential. We do this by partnering with professional educators and nannies. We’re on a journey to grow high-quality home-based early learning and care.

I roto I te marama o mahuru māori, ia rā o te wiki I haere au ki te kohanga reo o Ki Ohau hei kōrero ki a rātou mo te kotahi haora, me te kotahi haora ki te Kainga hei hapai te reo ki te kainga

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This year Whakaata Māori celebrated Māori Language Moment by singing the waiata 'e minaka ana' followed by a kaitahi.

Tena koutou katoa Our tamariki at Kohungahunga participated in daily waiata , Kapa haka, lead their own mihi at whariki time. Created putiputi and ika with harakeke. Created pictures of their whare with their whanau inside, fostering literacy through te reo. Visited our local Wellsford Library to have active participation in waiata , listening to stories in te reo.

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Kia ora koutou, our kura were learning how to say what kai was in their lunch box. Here is a clip from my classroom, I caught some of them off guard so they had to think hard.

I graduated in a Māori course for what I did through wananga

I attended a fun and educational Te Ao Maori and Te Reo Maori awareness workshop led by Renee Kokiri of Top of the South neighborhood support. We learnt some basics with the main focus on Karakia and Mihi.

Ambury Park Centre celebrated Te wiki o te Reo Māori by embracing everyday greetings and kupu reo daily. We also celebrated with a hangi for our kura clients, students and staff

I whakaako tonu au i te pangarau ki nga akonga o te karaehe reorua.

Huitahi, kaitahi, whakarongo ki ngā waiata o Waiata Anthems, kōrero tahi mō ngā whakaaro, ngā painga, ngā wero, ngā wawata o ia tangata mō te reo. Whakanuia tō tātou reo rangatira! !

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Our Senior Satellite Class at Glenfield College performed "Purea Nea" to their fellow students from Wairau Valley Special School. Ākonga loved making up their own actions to the waiata. It was a wonderful day of coming together, sharing and celebrating our love of Te reo Māori. Sandy Vandenberg

Kia Ora Whanau here are some links to some Waiata which my friend and I did as part of the celebration of Te Wiki o te reo Maori as a pakeha myself i think its important that we are as zealous in our appreciation and promotion of te reo o tangata whenua o Aotearoa as those of previous generations were in their endeavours to curb it nga mihi https://l. facebook. com/l. php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutube. com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DFeQJhtMgQe0%26feature%3Dshare%26fbclid%3DIwAR2IInCmPbKMyWrt5o1sLjmdet1Mlo6Mr0gZ5xRkyvMBfgKaANAUUCv3l7Q&h=AT1USf5JlhJLxUNw3xZXXRKjk-xy_f4g-osAjBN9O3rlvTcuKNjGo1KJeg46HAtDWcLy8NtwLbMrHJf0agEPxJtJTSkXIHR7eOwyw_xQmsM2l1ifrwUhb0C0SaQCgMfmglQAVISwUs7w5_NEENSwh5J5eA&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT3o4rKqJDvyw02-p-3CvPX4e0sH3RVMcAdajJFQY8ifdQPJUHBov-OI_hfVBxebYZ8USme0vMLdm-kW2gqw_fAO8ph9z-AT9zDruN8LbRh__pjeJuuQKYXQstVUS0e6gIQx_D2uuDYsryRRUgbZ2gAPfcw-DCICKwcLj7wz5kLSou1n23Hp https://l. facebook. com/l. php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu. be%2Fj2wG-mwNFEo%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3rnY0Q_k5XGd5SndZWhKguQCxaXOA38aHhtK2Z4PoZozQVoyFxgfb1baA&h=AT0MV-d5ooBaRvstI-KuORuMne5eqSDuUSY1FVbXcVqNwJ5qGBeRK2_MH1dSk265vFyDFN_eW8utxksAin8YRVhVRj3zvBQc7KDv9Uz2Cv5xRZKjvGjJ33Dk0eCM-T2tXiy9zRDQ5h8e2FDMstbQ-7hHMQ&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT2cPQ3FXwm5TpgQX5j6mD-6wKROrEcnj57ste3KTWb3yxtUn8RcsEHz5T4zE5U57VtgteUZePhAZKH6QtccY_0OXp-qdZ2R9FvGZHnfFa42-c2pKhlW3cWZ4LN8R6IqjFXDwx2bTH-Hostrc83pz1AnqMfvCCGy5ZSonUkjtZyFFR77huL0 https://l. facebook. com/l. php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu. be%2FqMWoYLqHyXE%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2cucm28-nqtFsKRCdvUljRmvZRN0qh-fWAdpydkJ9xY_9Cja0HFBdNtl0&h=AT0Zq7vup7HzjoEgVSLDqRngsl8tNgIIFSZs6Ek64VRq9Lz7yKDXSECVrLeHhMq2zSI5FTkQZDJOQtWoVpkqWTFJWlT-R3Vy19TFuRphqAhHEfBHYYat8hkYi306ka_43k71FTACrSfuoa2r8_0d_pMjrg&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT1CWoMaODXN8X2gop0Y6y9FhZTTsKgjzgQLjGHTo8_o74YUqdEI-8M4t-Sb7d4G0Wff1LV5wbBSm5yGmTJ5rLa7b0VrDJAUBUP4nDLVV0khLBAb68hl6p8PT9gufX8eeghNRtIjT7FyMn7LzIaTDwDdnzhqZ__FS6ifzvJqVW5iE4X5ZwCj https://l. facebook. com/l. php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu. be%2Fpghh6R0i6x0%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1ZvQ4c-PHG1zL7MlFfQxPUwxFx-6Nq_cBjhiP2iTM7uis5xfE6N3ISVE4&h=AT3X2icQxDEF-giwqliyqVqCzIDtyz52vMS4Trp4GHm_Lmm0eSPSmdnJo_2UflLJ_lXlXFgAoDplpG7ISgLLx2y53h9GvsoIWPbEhsDI4UO4ZCZBPeZ57l7Nt_sE8RaeWVy7NKtpPWPoi6rsHmHX8hoeOA&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT2bhwcH4jASyOHrGeVM0XRUOlzZHhdVNpGwC4g5pOsWClAx4EOJtUNWlVv12ejbZq9lAh_eBq8sjQu721o9HKvZQ4utdzHyhM8hgKrOgDfyb48xuO_dB2LxXO_KvpJDuxph0xw0oaPnnsGbL7JZFkSJXX_ozYZ871cZR1T6-0FhszpYQOUA

Our school gathered together to mark the moment. After an acknowledgement of all the mahi that has gone into revitalising the language across Aotearoa, we sang and did a countdown of kupu i te reo Māori.

We created a Seesaw Activity with help videos and sheets. For their home learning each night, the children taught their parents some basic Te Reo and make videos of whānau saying the Reo phrases together. Kaiako had lots of fun watching and listening to recordings each night. We ended the week with a celebration of afternoon kai with whānau, a small kapa haka performance, and a hui where children presented their parents with certificates that they wrote out for them, including Te Reo praises. It was brilliant and enjoyed by all and we look forward to doing this annually.

We had our first whole school gathering in 2 years and sang / waiata-a-ringa Ngā Iwi E, E Minaka Ana and Tihore Mai. It was loud and proud.

I wrote a kōrero about a show at the rose theatre. An actor sharing he was playing Romeo.

We chose to look at a few whakatauki and how we relate to them and what they mean to us